[Do not use the oven]_ the common practice without the oven _ the practice without the oven _ how to do without the oven

[Do not use the oven]_ the common practice without the oven _ the practice without the oven _ how to do without the oven

Just after summer, the food delivery staff gradually stopped.

With so many takeaways, we can see how lazy modern people are.

Although the weather was hot some time ago, we can’t eat takeaway every day.

The oil and salt content in the takeaway is seriously exceeded, which will cause illness in the long run.

In order to live longer, you may be able to go to the kitchen yourself and follow the editor to learn how to prepare the dish without an oven.


1 Dough basic fermentation to 2-2.

5 times bigger 2.

2 Post-oil method kneads all materials to complete stage 3.

The dough is exhausted and rolled into a 1CM thick sheet. After proofing for 15 minutes, the doughnut pattern is pressed with a mold (I do n’t have a doughnut mold and I used two rings).

Press the remaining dough of the four doughnuts and divide it into two rolls and roll out the bar for 10 minutes and wrap it around the sausage5.

Let the hair warm and moisten up to twice the size 6.

锅内放油待油热(筷子放进有小泡泡冒起)加入发好的面团小火翻面慢炸至表面金黄捞出待甜甜圈完全冷却后撒上适量的糖粉即可 不用The detailed method and steps of the oven have been introduced. After understanding the necessary steps, all that is needed now is to practice. Believe that you start practicing.

[Sanqi Hemorrhoid Pills]_Action_Effect

[Sanqi Hemorrhoid Pills]_Action_Effect

Sanqihua hemorrhoid pills, clearing heat and detoxifying, and stopping bleeding and pain.

It is often used clinically to treat hemorrhoids and other complications.

Sanqihua hemorrhoid pill can be used to treat internal and external hemorrhoids. First, external hemorrhoids and enterolytics; second, internal hemorrhoids hemorrhoid prolapse, contraction and prolapse, swelling and eliminate pain.

In short, Sanqihua hemorrhoid pills have become the gospel of hemorrhoid patients.

Then let’s read the instruction manual of Sanqihua hemorrhoids together.

Ingredients Salt Soapwood, Gangzizi, Lexis Amaranth, Senecio, White Maogen, Sanqi.

Properties This product is a black concentrated coated water pill; tastes astringent.

Function Indications clearing heat and detoxifying, stopping bleeding and pain.

For external hemorrhoids and intestinal dissolution; internal hemorrhoids for prolapse, swelling and pain relief, contraction and prolapse.

Specification: 30 grams per bottle.

Dosage Oral, 3 grams (about two-fifths of the bottle cap) at a time, 2-3 times a day.

Adverse reactions are unknown.

Taboos are unclear.

Cautions Abstain from frying, frying and irritating foods (cock, carp, spicy, fried, etc.).

Store tightly closed and protected from moisture.

Hemorrhoids are a very common gastrointestinal problem. The common symptoms of patients are stool, anal pain, etc., and it is generally difficult to treat.

Sanqihua hemorrhoid pills is one of the medicines for treating hemorrhoids.

So, how effective is Sanqihua hemorrhoid pill for treating hemorrhoids?

The current methods of treating hemorrhoids include injections, freezing, laser, electronic treatment, surgery and other methods, but these treatments may have some complications or sequelae, such as infection, bleeding, suffering, narrowing of the anus, etc.

Therefore, the outstanding characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine treatment, taking Chinese patent medicine orally, avoiding the suffering of patients, and achieving satisfactory results, are worth implanting.

Among them, Sanqihua hemorrhoid pills have a good effect on hemorrhoids.

Sanqihua hemorrhoid pill is clinically used for external hemorrhoid clearing enterolytic; internal hemorrhoid bleeding prolapse, swelling and pain relief, transfer prolapse.

Panax notoginseng can shorten the coagulation time and the prothrombin time, and the total saponin contained in it has analgesic effect; Gangzhizi can strengthen the spleen and blood, and condense and detoxify; Lepidrome has the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, diuretic and dehumidifying, and fascinating stool; Bai Maogen has antipyretic, antibacterial, and hemostatic effects; salted wood has hemostatic and antibacterial effects; Senecio also has antibacterial and antipyretic effects;

Has a better effect on the treatment of hemorrhoids.

How thin people become big guys_1

How thin people become “big guys”

When some women envy the “bone beauty”, many “skinny men” have been stuck in the confusion of “however I eat, how can I be fat (strong)?”
  In the gym, there are some small, dry men who struggle with iron guys like dumbbells and barbells, but in the end many people will give up on the grounds of “born is thin.”
  Liu Xiaochuan, an Asian sports and fitness professional coach, pointed out that the principle of muscle growth can be summarized as: adequate intensity training (destroying muscle fibers) → supplemental nutrition (raw materials necessary for synthesizing muscles) → adequate rest (in vivo male hormone recovery) → muscle growth (The principle of excess recovery).
  Therefore, the thin person wants to become a big man, eat more meals a day in the diet, and choose foods that are easy to absorb and foods with high protein content, and exercise proper muscles in exercise.
  Strength training can’t be greedy. To increase muscle volume, strength training is essential.
Many thin and dry men tend to choose heavy weight equipment to exercise, thinking that the greater the weight, the better the training effect.
  Coach Liu pointed out that people who are physically weak are not as heavy as possible in strength training. It is most appropriate to choose the weight in the middle (equivalent to 50%-65% of the maximum weight), which can be moreThe number of repetitions and the number of groups can be strong enough to stimulate the muscles.
This kind of exercise will cause the protein in the muscle to be decomposed to the maximum extent, and the muscle fiber will be destroyed, leaving a space for the muscle to grow.
  The lean person can first exercise a moderate amount of exercise, a heart rate between 130-160 beats per aerobic exercise, and then assist in medium-load equipment training.
The schedule can be practiced 3 times a week (once every other day), each time 1-1.
5 hours.
Practice 8-10 actions each time, and do 3-4 sets for each action.
The practice is to shrink quickly, pause, and stretch slowly.
  The duration of a group of actions is about 60 seconds, and the interval between groups is 20-60 seconds, and each action is intermittent for 1-2 minutes.
Under normal circumstances, each group should be able to complete 8-15 times in a row. If the number of each group is less than 8 times, the weight can be appropriately reduced. The last two must use full force to complete the action.
  Eat more food and easily absorb the body thin, if only to increase weight and unscrupulous eating and drinking, overeating, will only increase the body’s excess fat, more unhealthy.
Coach Liu said that the diet of the thinner must follow the principle of reasonable multi-meal, eat more easily absorbed food and increase protein intake.
  Protein is the raw material that makes up muscle fibers, and carbohydrates and fats are the source of energy for training.
To ensure adequate recovery and muscle growth, you should ensure that about 1 gram of protein is taken per kilogram of body weight per day, but the protein we absorb every day is about half of this standard.
Therefore, people with thin bodies should eat once every 2-3 hours.
Also, make sure you have enough carbohydrate and fat intake.
  Usually, you should eat more meat, eggs, poultry, etc., which are easy to digest and rich in animal protein. You should also eat more soy products and red beans, lilies, vegetables, fruits and so on.
Especially after the strength training diet, the body’s metabolism and nutrient absorption reach a peak within two hours after strength training. Therefore, people with thin body must pay attention to supplement protein and carbohydrate after training.

This kind of hot soup is not free to drink.

This kind of hot soup is not free to drink.

This kind of hot drink soup is not a casual drink. Eating too cold food will cause strong irritation to the stomach and cause discomfort.

In fact, since ancient times, people have known that mung bean has the effect of relieving heat, and it has been passed down to this day.

When people are in the summer, don’t forget to cook a pot of mung bean soup.

The effect of mung bean soup 1, heat If the body has heat, people are easy to get angry.

In summer and summer, the temperature is high, and the body’s hot air can no longer be emitted, causing sores, constipation, etc., causing people to be very annoyed.

Drinking mung bean soup can be used for axial heat removal. Even the mung bean does not need to be eaten. The effect of soup water is already obvious.

The mung bean skin has a heat-clearing effect. Therefore, when cooking mung bean soup, if you just want to heat it, don’t cook it too continuously. Cook for about 10 minutes on high heat.

2, detoxification We live in an environment, it is impossible not to be affected by the outside world.

For example, if the air quality is poor, people will inhale a lot of gases that are harmful to the body, and these gases form toxins in the body.

In terms of diet, after eating a lot of foods that are not easy to digest, they will form garbage in the body. After a long time, they will also emit toxins, which are the reasons why the body needs to detoxify.

Drinking mung bean soup can detoxify, because the tannin contained in mung bean can coagulate the microbial protoplasm and produce certain activity, which has antibacterial effect; and flavonoids and other substances also have certain antiviral effects.

Therefore, drinking mung bean soup can compress and detoxify and improve immunity.

3, Jieshu from the Tang Dynasty, the doctor found that mung bean has the effect of relieving heat.

This is because mung bean is cold and has a diuretic effect. Therefore, eating more mung beans or drinking mung bean soup can quickly cool the human body.

If it is too hot in the midsummer, you can put the mung bean and honeysuckle together to cook the soup, the effect will be better.

The ratio of mung bean to honeysuckle is 3:1, plus enough water to cook together, which is healthier than eating cold drinks.

Mung bean soup is the best, but not everyone is suitable. The following people are still drinking less.

1, people with cold body because of mung bean cold, and people with body cold need to eat warm food, even in summer can not be greedy.

Therefore, people with cold body should drink less green bean soup to avoid waist and leg pain, diarrhea, dysmenorrhea and so on.

2, the indigestion of the elderly, infants and other infirm, it is best not to drink more green bean soup, these people’s gastrointestinal digestion is weak, and the protein in mung beans is a macromolecular protein, need to be converted into small molecules in order to be humanabsorb.

Therefore, if the digestive dysfunction person drinks more mung bean soup, it will cause discomfort such as bloating and diarrhea due to difficulty in digestion.

3, people who are taking medicine are not suitable for drinking green bean soup. If the drug contains minerals, it will combine with the active ingredients in mung beans to form a precipitate, which greatly reduces the drug.

If you take Chinese medicine, you should also take the medicine. If you take the medicine of warming, in order to promote the cold effect, drinking green bean soup will inevitably be counterproductive; or it is the medicine for clearing heat and cooling blood, drinking green bean soup can alsoHelp.

Drink mung bean soup and pay attention to these things. 1. Don’t drink every day. Although every day in the summer is hot, mung bean soup can’t drink every day.

Everything should be moderate, especially like the cold food of mung bean soup. Eating it every day will inevitably affect the constitution.

If you are not the group of people who should not drink mung bean soup, you can drink 2-3 times a week, and you can drink one bowl at a time.

If you drink too much, you must reduce the amount. After you are 6 years old, you can drink the same amount as adults.

2, do not drink the green bean soup boiled in the iron pot, many of the active ingredients are in the bean skin, and the flavonoids in the bean skin will interact with the iron ions, forming a substance that is not easily digested by the human body, and the soup color is cooked.Darkening also affects appetite.

3, do not drink iced green bean soup ice town mung bean soup is definitely cold and cold, both will stimulate the spleen and stomach, will make the blood vessels contract, so that blood pressure, easy to cause thrombosis and other diseases.

Be wary that the mouse hand is quietly lurking


Be wary that the mouse hand is quietly lurking

The position of the mouse is offset, the damage to the wrist is increased, and the distance of the mouse is farther from the body, and the degree of damage to the shoulder.

Therefore, the mouse should be placed in a slightly lower position, which is equivalent to the height of the elbow when the upper arm is perpendicular to the ground in a sitting position.

The location of the keyboard should also be similar to this.

  Be wary that the mouse hand is quietly lurking through the expansion of the computer, more and more people are beginning to repeat: the wrist hurts, hold the numb, the joints of the fingers are not flexible. In fact, these “killers” hurting us are around-mouse.

If you use the mouse improperly, you can get a very serious knuckle disease. The symptoms of this traditional hand injury are called “mouse hand.”

  The mouse is more vulnerable to injury than the keyboard. The early performance of the “mouse hand” is: the numbness of the fingers and wrists, and some joints will make a slight noise when they move, usually called “constrictive tenosynovitis”, “carpal tube”Symptoms of the syndrome, but the joints involved are more than tenosynovitis.

Surgery experts believe that the mouse is more likely to cause damage to the opponent than the keyboard, and the disease is more common in women, and its incidence is three times that of men.

  ”Mouse hand” is only a local symptom. If the mouse position is not reasonable enough, too high, too low, or too far, it may be secondary to the neck a shoulder wrist syndrome.

  The mouse placed on the desktop was harmful to the health doctor and found that the position of the mouse was raised, the injured part of the wrist, the farther the mouse was from the body, and the injured part of the shoulder.

Therefore, the mouse should be placed in a slightly lower position, which is equivalent to the height of the elbow when the upper arm is perpendicular to the ground in a sitting position.
The location of the keyboard should also be similar to this.
Many computer desks do not have a dedicated location for the mouse, so that the mouse is placed on the desktop for a long time to work, and the damage to people is self-evident.

  The distance between the mouse and the body is also widened by the mouse on the table. This force is long-term burdened by the shoulder and elbow, which is one of the causes of neck and shoulder syndrome.

When the angle between the upper arm and the front body is less than 45 degrees, the distance between the body and the mouse is appropriate. If the distance is too far, the forearm will lean forward with the upper arm and shoulder, which will cause joint and muscle tension.

  Raising the swivel chair can also prevent the “mouse hand”. If it is difficult to adjust the mouse position, you can put the keyboard and mouse on the table, and then raise the swivel chair.

The relative reduction in the desktop shortens the distance between the body and the desktop.

  Putting the mouse in a scientific way will greatly reduce the incidence of “mouse hand”, so that every office worker who is often sitting in front of the computer can do his job easily and happily.