Separate the moisture before it is wet and humid

Separate the moisture before it is wet and humid

In the theory of Chinese medicine, moisture is actually a fairly broad concept.

According to the different causes of moisture, the occurrence of different performance, Chinese medicine has distinguished the two categories of wet heat and wetness.

In the process of dampness, if you want to have a significant effect, you must aim for dampness to achieve a good dampness effect.

What is the difference between hot and humid?

The initial internal wetness caused by wet cold is mostly caused by spleen deficiency. The spleen deficiency is mainly caused by improper diet, cold drink, over-eating watermelon and other cool fruits and vegetables, stimulating the spleen and stomach, resulting in impaired spleen transport water wet function, internal wet deposition.The external invasion caused the wet and cold summer to look forward to the air-conditioned room, and did not open the window often, the air did not circulate, the cold air invaded the human body, the rain, the cold shower caused the wet cold is also the same principle.

The main performance of wet cold.

The tongue is white and thick, slippery and scalloped, and the mouth is sticky and sweet, and may be accompanied by bad breath and mouth ulcers;

His face is white, blue, dark or black, cool color;

Fear of cold and cold, cold hands and feet, cold when cold; 4.

The stool is soft and not formed, the urine is short or turbid, and the leucorrhea increases but is thin.

Conditioning method for wet cold 1.

Eat less cold foods, such as watermelons; eat more warm and damp foods, such as sweet-scented osmanthus, lentils, dried tangerine peel, etc.;

Pay attention to avoid the invasion of external cold evil. In winter, people should keep the shoes and socks warm and dry, and often wash the sun. Usually, they should move more to promote blood circulation in the feet.

Wash your feet with hot water before going to sleep, and massage your feet with Yongquan for 5 minutes.

In the summer, you should get rid of the bad habit of chilling and cold water, and avoid eating cold drinks, ice cream or melons.

Do not adjust the temperature of the air conditioner too low, about 26 degrees, you can always keep a thin coat to keep warm, and open the window to ventilate.

3, perfect use of ginger: ginger is always a condiment, there is irreplaceable medical value.

Frequently drinking some hot ginger tea can force the body’s moisture out, and after the body sweats, the symptoms will be alleviated.

Internal internal causes of damp heat Cause improper diarrhea caused by improper diet. In summer, people like to eat barbecue, drink some beer, it is hot, easy to promote damp heat problems, greasy food does not digest, spleen and stomach digestive function stagnates, swell.

The external environmental factors are high in summer, the heat is hot, especially in the south, and people are prone to irritability, causing liver qi stagnation and eventually hot and humid deposition.

There are also staying up late, stress and so on can also lead to damp heat.

The main symptoms of damp heat are 1.

Yellow greasy tongue coating, rough and scalloped, bitter in the mouth, dry, with bad breath;

The face is dark yellow, greasy, easy to grow acne, acne, etc.;

The whole body is sticky, the hands and feet are prone to sweating, fear of heat, and body odor;

The stool is soft and sticky, or constipation, yellow urine, a feeling of fever, leucorrhea, yellow color, and large odor.

Wet heat conditioning method 1.

Eat less sweets, drinks, greasy, spicy, alcohol and other foods, so as not to increase the burden on the spleen and stomach, leading to hot and humid deposition.


Eat more damp, hot food, such as: red beans, mung beans, melon, loofah and so on.


Drink glutinous rice soup, glutinous rice, can cure dampness, diuretic swelling, phlegm and spleen effect.

  In fact, we can usually judge whether we are hot or humid by some symptoms of our own symptoms. It is recommended that we should go to the Chinese medicine hospital for treatment.

Newcomers in the workplace can be frivolous and frivolous

Newcomers in the workplace can be frivolous and frivolous

The company has arranged a number of interviews in the near future, recruiting the personnel required for the relevant positions, and I am responsible for receiving and arranging the interviews for the candidates.

A few things have been tried, and there have been many people, all kinds of people, sometimes wearing a little doorway, the quality, temperament, connotation of a person, sometimes only from the small movements of the applicants and the attitude of the interview can be seen today,The applicant has come to such a person who once opened my eyes. This man is a graduate of the Chinese Department of Wuhan University in 2009. The information is written in a bachelor’s degree in literature with a bachelor’s degree.

It stands to reason that people born in 1986 have entered the society for a year. The mentality should be relatively calm and mature, but the performance of this candidate is very different from what I imagined.

  The interview plan started at 9:00, but he was late at around 9:40. After he came back, he filled out the application form and saw four or five people waiting for the interview. He said impatiently, “There are so many more.People,” To be honest, on such occasions, I was the first to hear someone say such a simple question.

In any case, the general company interviews will be relatively concentrated, so it is inevitable that many people will wait for the queue. This is common sense. Even if there is repetition, it can be put in the heart, but it is impolite to say it in public.statement.

  Even more people are still behind the glasses. After seeing the interviewer, the candidates asked for a test. The questions are actually very simple. They are talking about their personal career plans, talking about the industry, and some aboutThe question of professional knowledge is not very difficult to answer. It is such a simple test question. What I see is a full-fledged answer sheet. I only see a string of Arabic numerals written on the answer sheet that I don’t know.A few clear words: those flowers, flying.

  Answer the answer and interview the interviewer. After reading it, hand over the answer sheet to me and say, “When it is environmentally friendly paper,” then hand me the resume, “Do it as a green paper”, and take the resume and see it in the comments column.The baseball word “The heart is taller than the sky, and the life is like a thin paper.”

  It seems that during the interview process, the applicant’s attitude or practice is as skeptical and arrogant as his answer sheet.

In fact, the workplace also needs innovation and breakthrough, but the breakthrough we want is not such a meaningless approach. What you want is that your display of the self-expression of your work is an understanding of life. This frivolous attitude is in progress.The depreciation of the self is also a great disrespect for the company.

If you think that the temple is big and you can’t tolerate your true Buddha, you don’t have to take the time to answer. You can continue to use effective time to seek other opportunities. Otherwise, it is not only the time of both parties but also the intangible increase.The cost of the recruitment process.

  Young is really good, can be frivolous, can be publicized, can play their own ideas, can express their different side, this is what the employer needs, but if such frivolity does not converge and pay attention to the way, then only onePeople’s attitude towards life is random and correct.

  People can be frivolous and frivolous in the workplace. They used to be free to do whatever they want, but they entered the society and stepped into the workplace. Every moment, every place is worth learning and summing up experience. Facing every company that has been to,Everyone who comes into contact, they are your best teachers, even if you can’t look at your eyes, even if you feel that the company you are interviewing is very small and can’t hold you, then you will walk away silently.

If you deliberately express your own injustice, then you can only show that your heart is too high, or that your mentality is not good enough, then you will only make yourself passive and repeated, and then the society will be despised.

Be wary of post-holiday syndrome relaxation lazy 1 week aggravation procrastination

Be wary of post-holiday syndrome relaxation lazy 1 week aggravation procrastination


Enough entertainment, long-distance travel, overeating, irregular life rules, during the holiday period, this indulgence but irregular life may be the normal state of life for many people.

From today, the long holiday officially ended, and life switched from vacation mode to work mode.

Doctors suggest that office workers want to reduce the “post-holiday syndrome” and quickly enter the work, through self-regulation, about two or three days to complete this transformation.

During this time, you can do more exercise and listen to music.

In terms of diet, it is mainly based on lightness.

Case 1: The house is suffering from a “mouse hand” at home. “The golden week is full of people, and it is still not going to follow everyone’s fun.”

“After considering the long vacation travel crowd, 85 after a technology company IT men’s small week decided that these 7 days home.

According to Xiao Zhou’s plan, 7 days to eat with friends, about a few friends playing basketball every day, and then watching a few good movies, it should be very comfortable.

In fact, on the first day of the holiday, the planned plan was completely vetoed by myself.

Get up the first thing every day, turn on your computer, play games.

Hungry, called takeaway.

Thirsty, buy bottled water. This day lasted until the fifth day, Xiao Zhou found that his bag of garbage went downstairs, and his hands were not strong.

Opinion: Xiao Zhou came to the hospital, the doctor told Xiao Zhou that he had the legendary “mouse hand”.

The “mouse hand” is medically called “repetitive stress damage” due to repeated operation of the computer keyboard and mouse, and the wrist is in a state in which it cannot be naturally pressed.

The doctor said that it is easy to get a holiday sick without going out. These two days, there are many college students and urban white-collar workers. Because of the long-term ‘home’ at home, they can go online and play games, causing dizziness and headache.

Case 2: Slacking for 1 week, “procrastination” aggravated “completed, PPT will be handed over tomorrow, and has not done yet.”

“This is the latest WeChat status of Xiao Huang who is an executive in a company.”

“I gave it to me before the boss’s day. He wants to use it today. What should I do?”

Huang Xiaoyuan sat in front of the computer and was overwhelmed.

In fact, Xiao Huang is called “PPT Little Day”, and this work is completely difficult to beat her.

When there is still one day left, Xiao Huang is still lying in bed to comfort himself. He can get up at 8 o’clock tomorrow morning.

Opinion: “This is a typical procrastination.

The doctor said that procrastination is actually a sign of fatigue.

There are mainly two manifestations, one is habitual procrastination, the other is to start with a lot of passion, slowly deflated.

The doctor said that the holiday is the most relaxing time for everyone, and the work is delayed, which is normal.

No need to make a fuss.

This kind of absent-mindedness will delay the situation for a day or two.

But don’t worry, you can’t have a burden of thought.

It is only necessary to see a doctor when delaying the delay has seriously affected the mood and work.

After the holiday, the chronic disease is concentrated, and the diet should be transferred to the disease caused by the light holiday syndrome, mainly alcoholism, starch inflammation, indigestion, cholecystitis, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure and so on.

Doctors said that these are closely related to nutrition and metabolism.

Based on past experience, it is very common to have such patients in the clinic after the holidays.

Experts say that according to reasonable standards, adults must be replaced with at least 2,400 kcal per day. During the vacation period, they eat well and are mostly oily. The nutritional intake is easily exceeded.

Therefore, experts suggest that office workers should rebuild their regular life as soon as possible and eat more light diets to better return to work.

At the same time, take more rest, adjust the state, increase the resistance, when the season changes, eat more foods with high vitamins.

Guarantee sleep and increase resistance.