Waiting for timing and timing

Waiting for timing and timing

Mrs. Curie said: “The weak wait for the opportunity, and the strong create the opportunity.

“This is really a famous saying.

In the “Taipei Evening News”, there was a story about Dr. Lin Yutang’s story that said: “One day, a gentleman banqueted the famous American writer Sai Pearl, and Mr. Lin Yutang was also invited, so he asked the owner to take him.The seats are next to Pearl S.

During the meeting, Pearl S. Buck knew that there were many Chinese writers on the seat and said: ‘Why don’t you make a new work for the US publishing industry?

I am willing to introduce.

’”  “座上人当时都以为这是一种普通敷衍说词而已,未予注意;独林博上当场一口答应,归而以两日之力,搜集其发表于中国之英文小品成一巨册And send the match pearl, please be axe.

The game was therefore a good impression of Dr. Lin, and he was fully committed to his success.

  ”It is said that there are still Wu Jingxiong, Wen Yuanning, Quan Zengqi, etc. in the guest on the same day. They are rumors in English. They are not in Dr. Lin. Therefore, if they are serious, they can also be sent to the competition on the same day.If you are successful today, you may not be Lin.

From this story, it seems that a person can succeed, but it depends on genius. It depends on hard work, but it is good at creating opportunities, grasping the timing in time, not following the order, not watching, not shrinking, not hesitating, thinking about doing it, there isThe courage to try, the determination to practice, and how many factors add up can make a person’s success.

So, although some people’s success lies in a very chance, but seriously, this accidental opportunity can be discovered, caught, and fully utilized, but it is by no means accidental.

  Opportunity is a complex factor in the world of things that happens to be a gap between your operations.

This gap is fleeting, so it is necessary to grasp the timing and really need to “capture” quickly, but not to wait there or delay.

  Xi Xi said: “The opportunity will not come to your door again.

“This is not to say that it is big, or that it is being manipulated and pushed between everything, and it is involuntarily.”

  Waiting for the wait is the biggest reason for people’s failure, so say: “The weak wait for the opportunity, the strong create the opportunity”; the so-called “creation opportunity” is only between the thousands of factors running, and strive to add one thousand of their ownThe power of the hope to make the operation of “opportunity” a moment that is beneficial to oneself.

The story of Dr. Lin Yutang can be said to be the best proof.

  徘徊 望 望 is the enemy of our success.

Many people have no confidence in the opportunity they have come to face, and they have let go of it between a hesitation.

The opportunity is hard to come by. This is true, because even if it is willing to come again, come to your door, but if you still haven’t changed your carelessness, it will still slip away.

How does the performance of chronic gastritis need daily care?

How does the performance of chronic gastritis need daily care?

What is the performance of chronic gastritis?

Chronic gastritis is the most common type of gastritis, but many patients with chronic gastritis due to the lack of understanding, due to chronic gastritis caused by symptoms are not mistaken for mild symptoms, leading to delays in optimal treatment time, causing the severity of gastritis.

Therefore, understanding the performance of chronic gastritis is very necessary, let us take a detailed look at the relevant content.

The performance of chronic gastritis 1, middle and upper abdominal discomfort, fullness, short pain, burning pain.

Especially after eating, the symptoms are relatively heavy, and there will be loss of appetite, belching, pantothenic acid, nausea, qi stagnation, and snoring.

A small number of patients will have no obvious clinical symptoms, and some patients will have dizziness, insomnia, anemia and other complications.

2, upper abdominal pain, dull pain.

Most of them are comfortable on an empty stomach and the pain is most noticeable after eating.

Eating cold food, hard food, spicy or other irritating foods will cause the disease, further aggravating the condition, and some cold weather will also cause the disease, so pay attention to keep warm.

3, suffocating.

Since the patient ate some food that is prone to gas, the patient’s stomach gas increased, causing hernia.

Generally, it is discharged through the esophagus, and the upper abdominal fullness can be temporarily relieved.

4, fullness.

Many patients sometimes eat a small amount of food, but they are not full but feel full, and even on an empty stomach, they feel fullness.

5, anemia.

Patients with autoimmune gastritis can also be accompanied by anemia.

Daily care for chronic gastritis 1. Reduce salt intake. Do not over-intake salt. Develop a low-salt diet. People who eat too fast should chew slowly to ensure that food and saliva are thoroughly mixed before swallowing.

2, to avoid tension, to maintain an optimistic mood, depression, excessive tension or fatigue, easy to cause pyloric sphincter dysfunction, bile reflux, causing chronic gastritis.

Try to be optimistic and take care to avoid eating when you are nervous, worried, or depressed.

3, eating digestible foods should try to choose nutritious and easy to digest foods, such as avoid eating too rough, hard, and too much fiber, not easy to digest food, but also eat less irritating food, such as too acidic,Spicy, salty food, etc.

For people with stomach upsets, you can also choose to eat less and eat more.

4, normal life and regular life, to avoid overwork.

If you have high blood pressure, throat, and other diseases, you should actively treat infected lesions.

5, quit smoking and quit smoking and quit smoking, the harmful components of the smoke decomposition of gastric acid secretion increased, will cause or aggravate the stimulation of the gastric mucosa, excessive smoking will cause bile reflux.

Long-term excessive drinking can cause congestion of the gastric mucosa, edema, erosion, and great harm to the stomach.