[Drinking a glass of boiling water will cure 9 diseases!

[Drinking a glass of boiling water will cure 9 diseases!

Some people say that boiled water is the healthiest water in the world. But boiled water is still almighty water. It can cure diseases. Do you know?

Studies have found that a glass of plain water can treat nine common diseases, such as heart disease, stains, colds, and stomachaches. People with poor health or people with these minor problems may wish to drink regular glasses of plain water.

1. A glass of life-saving water before heart disease. If your heart is not good, you can get into the habit of drinking a glass of water before bed.

Diseases such as myocardial infarction are caused by the high viscosity of the blood.

When a person is asleep, due to sweating, the water inside the body is lost, causing the water in the blood to decrease, and the viscosity of the blood will become very high.

However, if you drink a glass of water before bedtime, you can reduce the viscosity of the blood and reduce the risk of diabetes.

So a glass of water before bed, but a glass of life-saving water.

2. A cup of cool spots opens in the morning. Many people have heard that drinking a glass of water in the morning is good for the body.

Some people drink salt water, some people drink honey water, and some people drink lemonade for whitening. What kind of water is best to drink?

After a period of hangover metabolism, the human body needs a beneficial external action to help excrete. It is best to keep it cool without any sugar and nutrients!

If it is sugar water or water with added nutrients, it takes time to transform in the body, and we cannot quickly and quickly brush the role of our body.

Therefore, a glass of clear boiled water in the morning is a detox recipe.


[How to tenderize fried beef shreds]_How to do_Tips

[How to tenderize fried beef shreds]_How to do_Tips

Cut the beef into shreds, and then carefully implant the shredded and tender beef shreds.

Beef is delicious and nutritious. It is a favorite of many people in real life.

However, not everyone in real life can cook tender and fragrant beef.

Many people who do n’t know how to cook, or those who are not good at cooking, may be hard-bodied, which affects the taste very much. So how to do it?

First, 200g beef tenderloin with hang pepper, 200g green hang pepper, 2 red hang pepper, 5g ginger, 3 cloves of garlic, 5ml raw soy sauce, 10ml cooking wine, 10ml oyster sauce, 5g starch, 1g black pepper, seasoning with salt,30 ml of oil practice 1.

Wash the beef tenderloin, cut into thin slices, mix with cooking wine, soy sauce, starch, pepper and some oil and marinate for a while; 2.

2. Wash the peppers and remove the stalks, cut diagonally into slices, slice ginger, and chop garlic;

3. Heat the wok and pour in the oil. Put the marinated beef quickly to disperse and remove after discoloration. 4.

Leave the base oil in the pan, fry the ginger slices and minced garlic, add the chilli pepper and stir fry for 1 minute, then stir-fry the beef over high heat, add oyster sauce, and season with salt.

Tip 1: If you want the beef to be tender and smooth, the first one is to cut it against the texture, the second is to marinate with starch or egg white and oil, and the third is to heat it up.Can stay fresh.

2, you can also add onions according to taste is also very delicious.

3. If you don’t eat spicy, you can change the peppers to ordinary peppers.

Second, stir-fried beef materials 250 grams of beef, half an onion, 1 green pepper, half a spoon of rice wine, half a pear, half a spoon of soy sauce, half a spoon of salt, half a spoon of sugar, vinegar 4, 5 drops Method 1.

Both pears and beef were previously sliced.


Heat the wok and pour in the vegetable oil. When the oil temperature is 80%, add the beef and stir fry. While the stir fry, add the wine, soy sauce, and a half a spoonful of salt. After the beef fry for about 1 minute, take it out and put it in the bowl for later use.


Then stir-fry the green peppers and onions. When you’re ready to cook, add the beef just out of the way and add the pear slices to stir fry.


Finally, add the remaining salt and sugar, and fry the vinegar for about 10 seconds.

3. Stir-fried beef Pleurotus eryngii Ingredients: Beef slices, Pleurotus eryngii Condiments: Peanut oil, water, cooking wine, soy sauce, starch, thirteen incense, ginger, eggs, chili noodles, salt, spring onion 1. Beef slicesAdd peanut oil, water, cooking wine, soy sauce, starch, thirteen incense, ginger, and egg marinade until the meat is soft and set aside.

2. Pleurotus eryngii slices, add oil to the pan, fry slightly, add some salt after the flavor comes out, and place on a plate.

3. Stir-fry the marinated beef. Pour in the Pleurotus eryngii with some red, add pepper noodles, salt, and spring onions for a while.

Wearing high heels to make love, wonderful sex feelings

Wearing high heels to make love, wonderful sex feelings

What kind of high heels work well?

  Answer: Sexy is the best, what is sexy high heels?

It is recommended that the heel must be high, at least 10 cm or more, the heel must be thin, preferably the current metal stiletto, and it is best to replace the open-toe strap sandals, or knee-length boots.

It is recommended that each woman prepare a pair of such shoes on their bedside, and for bed use, it is best not to wear them at all times to keep it clean and bright.

  Why do you wear high heels for sex?

  Answer: First, women’s thighs, calves, and pelvic muscles can be kept tight. The ultra-high-heeled high-heeled shoes can best play this role, so the pleasure can be passed to two people; the second is to lengthen the woman’s calf curve.Let the man’s pleasing pleasing enthusiasm; the third is to use high heels to make fun tools, increase ML fun, the specific method will be described later.

  Specific way: Male is behind the woman 1.

Feng Shui: The woman wears high-heeled shoes to stand firm, bends forward and down, and holds the two heels of her high-heeled shoes with both hands, naturally hips, the man stands in the back, grabs the woman’s lumbosacral part, and enters behind.

If the woman is so compliant, she can lean her head on the top and must hold the calf.

The woman bends and tightens, feeling a strong grip.

  Note: Men must hold the woman in order to prevent her from falling forward.


Feng anti-wing wings: The posture above, the woman’s waist is tired, the man helps the woman to lift the waist to the horizontal position, the woman’s hands are backwards, the man grabs the woman’s wrist or arm, the man leans back, the force hits, the woman leans forward, shake the front end.

A woman like a winged phoenix bird, twisting her body and flying forward, is very beautiful.

  Note: Be sure to hold the woman’s arm to prevent the imbalance from falling.

  Note: Be sure to hold the woman’s arm to prevent the imbalance from falling.

Feng looked up: the posture was a while, the woman’s waist was tired, help her stand straight, the man embraced from behind, clenched the breasts, the woman leaned back on the man’s chest, backhand touched the man’s waist and hip, due to this timeWomen can balance themselves, so they can move up and down to match the impact of men.


Danfeng Chaoyang: The woman raised a high-heeled shoes at this time, stepped on the bed, and landed on the ground, facing the flat. The man held the woman’s side in the back, and the two fingers held each other and the man hit.

My feelings: The entangled fingers will tell you how they feel.

Health recipe for getting angry in the spring

Health recipe for getting angry in the spring

The nose is prone to bleeding, the scorpion becomes dumb, the mouth is sore, and the constipation is difficult to go to the toilet. The moment is in the spring, the wind is dry and dry, causing the fire to be everywhere.

In progress, Chinese medicine professionals reminded that in the spring, the body heat is more prosperous. If you do not pay attention to the light diet and regular life, it is easy to “fire the upper body.”

  Why is the fire in the spring?

  First, the traditional medicine of the motherland believes that all things in the spring nature are recovering, the yang is rising, it is easy to disturb the human liver, the gallbladder, accumulating the accumulated internal heat, and spring dryness; in addition, most of the northern part of the region is characterized by dry and windy climate.It often makes people feel uncomfortable.

  Second, the spring wind is less rainy and the climate is dry. The human body’s water is easily lost through sweating, breathing, and the weather changes erraticly. It is difficult to maintain the balance and stability of the body’s metabolism, and it is easy to cause physiological dysfunction and become “on fire.”Symptoms, such as dry throat pain, red eyes dry, hot nose, hot lips, dry lips, sore tongue, loss of appetite, dry stool, yellow urine and so on.

  ☆ sore throat, sore throat, pain relief, I am afraid that one of the most common “fire” symptoms in spring.

Treatment can try the following methods: spring clear throat soup: chrysanthemum, honeysuckle each 10 grams, raw licorice, 6 grams of fat sea.

The medicine is placed in a thermos bottle, brewed with boiling water, and served on behalf of the tea, 1 dose per day.

It has the effect of evacuating wind and heat, and clearing the sound.

Mainly used for acute pharyngitis in spring, sore throat caused by tonsillitis, treatment of dry mouth and dry cough.

  ☆ Aphthous ulcers In the spring, many people have experienced a long mouth sore regardless of gender.

  It often appears inexplicably in the mouth, and the symptoms reach climax after 3-4 days. In addition to the obvious pain, it is accompanied by systemic symptoms such as low fever and local lymphadenopathy.

After 4-5 days, the blush gradually subsides and relieves pain; after 8-14 days, the ulcer can heal itself without leaving traces.

In the treatment, you can replace Huanglian Shangqing tablets, Sanhuang tablets and other drugs, or topical watermelon creams as appropriate.

  ☆ Constipation In the spring, the elderly often have dry stools.

  Treatment of constipation caused by spring dryness, easy to “run” should not be “diarrhea”, you can try the following moisturizing diet prescription.

  Sesame walnut soup: black sesame seeds, walnut kernels (grinded) each amount, stir-fry, mix honey together, warm water to prepare, take appropriate amount every day.

  Honey cassia drink: 15 grams of fried cassia seed, add the right amount of water, into the casserole, boil and simmer for 30 minutes, filter the liquid and transfer a small amount of honey, daily fasting instead of tea.

  The nasal capillaries in the nasal cavity are rich and brittle, and the dry spring climate will first endanger the nasopharynx, make the nasal mucosa dry, and the capillaries rupture, leading to nosebleeds.

In the treatment, bleeding can be used for cold forehead, nasal bridge method to temporarily stop the blood; after rehabilitation, you can take 30 grams of Rhizoma Imperatae or 15 grams of Jianshui Jianshui, on behalf of tea often drink.

It has the functions of clearing heat, cooling blood and stopping bleeding.

Prevent dehydration in hot summer

Prevent dehydration in hot summer

Some time ago, the showers continued.

It rained again yesterday, and the rain that stopped nowadays made it difficult for the public to grasp.

The reporter learned that there were showers or thunderstorms in the province during the day.

From night to tomorrow, there will be showers or thunderstorms in the western part of Liaoning and Liaoning. Everyone should pay attention to the weather in time.

  Meteorologists explained that it is normal for the gradual process to increase after entering the flood period.

Meteorologists said that although the showers overlap this week, the weather is longer and cooler, and the high temperature can only be temporarily relieved temporarily.

If it happens at night, it will still be hot during the day.

There may be high temperatures in the near future, and everyone should be prepared for heatstroke prevention.

  In the hot summer, the body’s water loss is rapid, and when you are thirsty and want to drink a whole bottle of water in one breath, you are dehydrated.

Experts say that dehydration can make your body feel hot and dizzy, which may increase your risk of heart disease.

If you feel that boiled water is tasteless, you can also drink a cup of sour plum soup, which can help the spleen and stomach to digest.

Sour plum is also a natural throat medicine that can relieve the inflammation of the throat and relieve pain.

Drinking a cup of sour plum soup is equivalent to cleaning your body.

The high temperature that may occur in the near future, the business newspaper reminds the public to do a good job of heatstroke prevention and cooling, reduce activities and drink plenty of water around noon; it is best to take an umbrella during the day; to avoid cold water and drinks; to ensure adequate rest and sleep;Potassium-containing foods such as kelp, potatoes, etc.

Also eat bitter food, but also eat some sour food, add some vinegar in the dish in summer, can be sterilized.

Also, the weather is hot in summer and everyone should wear breathable clothes.

Eat a good diet and personal hygiene habits in the diet, usually drink plenty of water.

Relevant experts believe that the summer should pay attention to the heart, so that the heart can get a full rest, and the heart is simply full sleep.