UFIDA (600588): Rapid profit growth, domestic replacement prospects expected

UFIDA (600588): Rapid profit growth, domestic replacement prospects expected

The company issued a performance forecast, and it is estimated that the annual net profit for 2019 will be 1.04062-128.547 million yuan, an annual increase of 70% -110%.

The whole new generation of Yonsuite products is worth looking forward to.

YonSuite is a public 杭州桑拿网 cloud platform created by the company for growth companies. It provides integrated digital management solutions for people, finance, property and buses, connects social business networks, and supports customer-centric industrial chain collaborative business innovation.Full implementation 3.

0 strategic products, future development is worth looking forward to.

The best partner of Huawei Kunpeng.

In September 2019, the company and Huawei jointly released an enterprise digital application platform, jointly released smart financial solutions, and had more honors such as “Yunpeng Ecological Cooperation Best Practice Partner” and “Huawei Cloud Ecological Cooperation Best Practice Partner.

Against the background of Huawei’s growing ecosystem, the company’s NC Cloud has taken the lead in completing adjustments.

Became the first batch of member units of the ecological alliance of the PK system.

In September 2019, UFIDA became the first member of the ecological alliance of the PK (“P” for Feiteng Phytium CPU chip and “K” for Kirin KylinOS operating system) system.

Among them, core product services such as UFIDA NCCloud and UFIDA also passed local certifications.

Investment suggestion: It is expected that the company’s EPS for 2019-2020 will be 0.

58 yuan, 0.

51 yuan, maintain Buy-A rating, 6-month target price of 39 yuan.

Risk warning: Cloud-based execution is weaker than expected; corporate IT spending is lower than expected; financial sector growth exceeds expectations.

Baoxin Software (600845) Company Research: High Deterministic Growth of Steel Information and IDC Two-Wheel Drive

Baoxin Software (600845) Company Research: High Deterministic Growth of Steel Information and IDC Two-Wheel Drive

From the Baosteel system, the development of information and IDC two-wheel drive companies.

The company was formerly a wholly-owned subsidiary formed by the integration of information industry-related assets within Baosteel Group. It has been undertaking the task of providing enterprise informationization to the original Baosteel Group and its related parties. It has developed with Baosteel Group for more than 40 years and promoted domestic steelDevelopment of informatization and industrialization.

Since 2015, the company has used Baosteel’s land, water and electricity resources to vigorously develop the IDC business, and the two-wheel drive company has developed rapidly.

  First-tier cities are facing the status quo of IDC resource funding.

From the demand side, benefiting from the explosive growth of the amount of information and data, industries such as big data and cloud computing continue to be recognized by enterprises and users, resulting in increasing demand for IDC infrastructure by IT companies, Internet companies, and telecommunications operators.

From the perspective of the supply side, the barriers to IDC construction are high: 1) IDC’s pre-construction costs are high and the company’s capital needs are large; 2) Only locations with strong winds and water are conducive to natural cooling; 3) Industrial land and electricity indicators in first-tier cities areScarce resources; 4) Professional-grade IDC services have technical advantages only to have an advantage.

  Baoxin software occupies scarce resources in Shanghai and naturally has IDC construction advantages.

Relying on the resources of Baowu Group Iron and Steel Plant, Baoxin has a natural industrial resource competitive advantage in Shanghai.

The Shanghai regional market has always been an important node in the deployment of national data centers for large customers. At the current stage of the Internet, financial enterprise customer demand is continuously released, and resource demand continues to expand.

The Baoxin Group relies on the shareholder Fangbaowu Group to resolve key constraints such as land, water, and electricity for the construction of IDC computer rooms.

At present, the number of cabinets in Shanghai Phase 4 exceeds 2.

70,000, at the same time the IDC model is also copied to Wuhan and other places.

  The tide of M & A and reorganization in the steel industry has brought a lot of information construction needs.

First, since the second half of 2016, through the continuous advancement of internal supply-side reforms, steel prices have risen significantly, resulting in an improvement in the operating performance of steel companies in 2017, and the ability of the information-based demand-side steel mills to pay more.Encourage the support of M & A and reorganization of iron and steel enterprises, Baosteel’s merger and reorganization of Wuhan Iron and Steel, Maanshan Iron and Steel brings 西安耍耍网 a lot of information transformation needs; third, outside the Baowu system, the company signed a contract with Shougang and other steel plants, won the bid in 20172.

The 700 million project demonstrates Baoxin’s leading position in steel informatization.

  Covered for the first time and given a “Buy” rating.

It is estimated that Baoxin Software’s attributable net profit for 2019-2021 will be 8 respectively.

8.7 billion, 11.

8.9 billion, 13.

3 billion, CAGR is 25.


Considering the overall high prosperity of the industry and the high growth of the company’s main business informatization and IDC business, the target price for 2020 is 40.

07 yuan (corresponding to the company’s 38 times PE in 2020), the first coverage, given a “buy” rating.

  Risk warning: IDC demand risk, Wuhan IDC construction progress is less than expected, steel and other downstream industries informatization demand risk, greatly affected by the operating conditions of Baowu Group.

Meinian Health (002044): Medical quality first obtains the first significant increase in price and price

Meinian Health (002044): Medical quality first obtains the first significant increase in price and price
Event summary: On August 29, the company announced the 2019 semi-annual report.The company achieved revenue of 36 in the first half of the year.4.1 billion (+2.93%), net profit attributable to mother 16.84 million (-89.4%); deduction is not -1.36 billion (-251.24%); net operating cash flow -6.0.3 billion (-100.54%); EPS0.01 yuan / share.The company expects net profit for the first three quarters of 20192.85-4.200 million (-31.14% to +1.48%).The company’s overall performance growth in the first half of the year is in line with our previous expectations. Analysis: 1. In the first half of the year, profit growth was temporarily under pressure, expansion accelerated, and breakthroughs in operating adjustments and medical quality improvements were gradually seen quarterly. The company’s revenue growth was stable, with Q1 and Q2 revenue being 12 respectively.7.9 billion (+4.21%), 23.6.2 billion (+2.2%); net profit attributable to mothers is -1.18 billion (-6.45%), 1.3.5 billion (18 over the same period 2.700 million, down 50%).Q3 is expected to return to mother 2.68-4.0.3 billion, 18Q3 to mother 2.5.5 billion, an annual increase of 5.1% -58%.19Q2 score Q1 hardly increased non-recurring gains and losses. If non-recurring gains and losses did not increase in the third quarter, the non-recurring growth rate in the third quarter can be more than 9-60%.Overall, Q3 performance is expected to increase in advance and gradually pick up.Q2. If you do not consider objective factors such as the expansion of sales scale (the initial cost increases significantly and stays at the same time), and the implementation of new plans such as Midea Good Doctor, X + 1 (requires an adaptation period), the income end will increase by 2%,Reach 1.35 billion, stable operation. Analysis of the company’s 19H1 profit margin reduction. We believe that the pressure on the profit margin is a temporary factor, mainly: 1) the number of company medical examination centers increased by 136 in the first half of the year, of which 32 consolidated (31 in the second quarter), while 18H1 companyThe number of centers increased by 52, of which 22 were consolidated, Q2 exceeded, and the increase in capital expenditures was a drag on performance. 2) The company’s off-season marketing effect was significant in the first half of last year, with explosive growth in performance and a high base in the same period; 3) Physical examinationThe center implements appointment flow restriction, strictly controls the qualifications of medical personnel, and grasps the balance between “quantity” and “quality”; 4) The first half of the year continued to improve medical quality management and increase more; 5) Increased the introduction and training of medical professionals, Strengthening technical barriers, extending the management expense rate by nearly 1pc to 8.5%; 6) In the first half of the year, the company ‘s five-year growth in single-store revenue was set as a goal to double the sales expenses in order to increase the ratio of inspections; To 5%. 2.Highlights of the data in the first half of the year: 1) The scale advantage is obvious: In the first half of the year, the number of the company’s medical examination centers reached 684, an increase of 136 earlier, and it is expected to break through the scale of 700.In the first half of the year, there were a total of 593 camps (up 45 from 548 earlier), of which 288 were held and 305 were invested, an increase of 32 and 13 respectively compared with the beginning of the year. 2) The operation of the holding medical examination center is stable, and the speed of the unit price of passengers is normal: the number of physical examinations in the first half of the year was 10.38 million, an increase of 2% each year, of which 7.49 million were held by shares, each time increasing by 5.5%, 2.89 million shares, a decrease of 4 each year.6; The average unit price is 499 yuan / person, of which the group inspection is 480 yuan, which is an increase of 3.5%; 609 yuan for individual inspection, an annual increase of 6.7%. 3) The nationwide layout and the strategic advantages of sinking and expanding have been further consolidated: the expansion of operating physical maintenance centers, the first and second tiers have 306 layouts, the third and fourth tiers have 287 layouts, and the first, second and third and fourth tier markets account for 51.6%: 48.4%. 4) There are 187 medical examination centers with designated medical insurance qualifications: It greatly facilitates the needs of urban residents for medical examinations, and it can further dig up incremental customers for medical examinations. 5) The disease detection rate has increased significantly, and the quality of medical quality has been significantly improved in the early stages: in the first half of the year, Meinian’s major health checkup customers replaced major positive detections.44%, compared to nearly 5% in the same period last year.This is inseparable from the company’s continuous strengthening of medical quality control and improvement of health management, including online authentication and compliance, medical technology and face recognition management system, real-time blood test tracking system, continuous upgrade of medical imaging and laboratory quality control system,Established the “Ophthalmology Specialist Medical Examination Medical Consortium” with Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center of Sun Yat-sen University, and introduced Japan’s high-end medical examination service system to ensure the steady improvement of service quality and operation quality. 6) In the first half of the year, the results of innovations in health management were initially shown, helping the performance to stabilize and rebound: the company always adhered to the innovation of health management services, and the innovative product “Menian Good Doctor” launched in cooperation with PICC P & C was centered around “medical examination + insurance” and fully graspedConsumer demand, 19H1 “Meinian Good Doctor” products were sold and served more than 100,000 person-times, completed insurance for more than 50,000 consumers, completed insurance benefits for nearly 200 eligible consumers, and a new inspection packageThe promotion of the company has obviously promoted customer satisfaction, customer repurchase rate, and increase in customer unit price. We believe that the gradual signing of the last group inspection in Q2 and the end of the physical check-out season, as well as the strengthening of the company’s medical quality management and the enhancement of service connotation, performance is expected to stabilize and rebound, and the core price and driving factors have not changed. 3.The preliminary performance recovery trend is obviously based on the company’s volume and price data in the first half of the year, the first three quarter results forecast, and some of the first-line and provincial capital medical examination centers ‘passenger flow changes from July to August (grassroots research). We believe that the company’s performance is gradually improving, and long-term investmentThe value is prominent: 1) The adjustment of the operating side in the second quarter, focusing on 杭州桑拿 the C-side, the additional sales staff are expected to start contributing performance in the third quarter. 2) The increase in short-term selling expenses has an impact on net profit, but in the long-term, physical examination customers will gradually eliminate stickiness to sales based on comprehensive health management and recognition of service quality, and the selling expense ratio will gradually decline. 3) The number of bases in the same period from the third quarter to the fourth quarter of last year: the revenue for the third quarter to the fourth quarter of 2018 was 22.8.1 billion (+23.60%), 26.40 billion (+19.20%); net profit attributable to mother is 2.55 billion (+7.22%), 4.07 billion (+20.40%). 4) The fixed increase will pass smoothly in June. It is expected to obtain approval and issue in September and October, supplement 3.The 700 million working capital helped the expansion target be achieved smoothly. 5) Launching the “M + N” package for consumers to customize personalized, slightly chronic and anti-cancer medical examination packages; using AI technology to provide customers with high-quality personalized, customized, and intelligent health management services,And continue to introduce high-end, professional equipment to improve inspection quality. In terms of performance growth, despite the improvement in the growth rate of Meinian, it is necessary to focus on internal power construction, medical knowledge and personnel training. The overall internal control and quality system have significantly improved. In addition, the transformation of Meinian in equipment, management and productsWith regard to the advantages of post-examination management and other aspects, taking into account the continuous growth of the overall medical examination market and the decrease in penetration rate, the certainty of continuous performance growth since 19Q3 is high. Profit forecast: Combined with the company’s ongoing performance improvement, and maintain the long-term space unchanged, it is expected to return to the mother’s net profit in 19-21.0, 13.0, 16.900 million, an annual increase of 22% / 30% / 30%, corresponding to PE48 / 34/27 times.The company’s medium- and long-term performance and market value are large, and it maintains a “Buy” rating. Risk Warning: The increase of sales staff may lead to a significant increase in sales expenses; the expansion rate and profitability of the medical examination center are lower than expected; the management risk during the rapid expansion of the medical examination center

[How to make child nutrition porridge?

Teach you these 5 ways!

]_Children_Home Practice

[How to make child nutrition porridge?
Teach you these 5 ways!
]_Children_Home Practice

Children’s digestive ability is very weak, so they must eat foods that are easy to digest. All kinds of porridge are easy to digest, but in addition to easy digestion, they need to supplement all aspects of nutrition. Many young mothers do not know how to do it.Children’s nutritional porridge, or porridge made without nutrition, and some people do not taste the porridge, children do not like to eat, so the following describes the correct approach.

1. Vegetable beef porridge ingredients: 40 grams of beef, 1/4 bowl of rice, 1 spinach, 1/2 cup of broth, 1/5 of potatoes, carrots, onions, and some salt.

Method: Prepare beef meat and grind it.

Stew and mash the spinach, carrots, onions, and potatoes.

Cook rice, vegetables and minced meat in a pan and season with salt.

2. Tofu porridge ingredients: 1/6 bowls of rice, 1/2 cup broth, 1/10 pieces of tofu, several methods of salt: cut the tofu into small pieces.

Put rice, broth, and tofu in a pot and cook together.

Add the right amount of salt to taste when it’s boiled.

3, egg porridge ingredients: 1/2 eggs, 1/5 carrots, 1 spinach, 1/4 bowl of rice, 1/2 cup of broth, several methods of salt: stewed carrots and spinach and chopped.

Add rice, broth, chopped carrots, and spinach to the pan and cook.

After boiling, add the mashed egg paste and stir, season with salt.

4, cheese porridge ingredients: rice 1/6 bowls, 1/2 cup of water, 5 grams of cheese method: chopped cheese.

Add the rice to the pot and boil an appropriate amount.

Add the cheese when cooked until thick and turn off the heat when the cheese begins to melt.

5, vegetables and fish porridge ingredients: 30 grams of fish white meat, 1/5 carrots, 1/2 cup of seaweed broth, 20 grams of radish, a few soy sauce, 1/4 bowl of ricemashed.
Wipe the radishes and carrots with a grater.

Pour rice, kelp broth, fish, vegetables, etc. into the pot and cook together.

Add soy sauce when seasoning until thick.

Parents can make some simple and nutritious porridge according to the baby’s preferences, which can be changed over a few days, so that the baby can also obtain the nutrients it needs from daily expenditures.

[How to match rice paste for baby]_Baby_How to match

[How to match rice paste for baby]_Baby_How to match

Babies eat rice cereal is a more common way to add complementary foods. We mainly brew rice cereal by directly soaking in water, and then it can be called a baby.Pumpkin rice cereal and apple rice cereal.

Pumpkin rice cereal is made by squeezing pumpkin and rice and then steaming the juice to make pumpkin rice cereal.

Pumpkin rice cereal: (This is the easiest to make, and my baby also loves it most) 1. Preparation of ingredients; pumpkin, rice, oats, white sugar.

Rice is soaked for an hour in advance.

2. Peel the pumpkin and cut into small pieces.

3, then add to the soymilk, add rice, oats together.

4. Add the right amount of sugar and water.

5. Cover with power.

6. Press the rice paste button.

After 7 or 20 minutes, you can drink the hot pumpkin rice cereal.

Apple rice noodles 1, peeled and pitted apples, add water and cook for 3-5 minutes 2. Add the right amount of boiled apples to the apple water 3, beat 4 with a handheld cooking stick, and beat into very delicate applesPaste, whipped when cooked. The temperature after whipping is just right for rice paste 5. Take the required amount of baby rice paste 6, and pour it into apple paste twice. Pour lightly evenly after each pour.7. After stirring well, stir for a while to make the rice paste transparent.

8. You can also add 2 teaspoons of rice 9 with cooked apples and apple water.

Whisk with a cooking stick into a fine paste.

This paste is more authentic.

Egg rice cereal 1.

Prepare material 2.

Wash the eggs and cook in the egg boiler 3.

After boiling the bowl with boiling water, pour in rice cereal 4.

Add an appropriate amount of warm boiling water at about 70 degrees 5.

Peel the cooked eggs in half 6.

Add approximately enough egg yolks to the rice cereal 7.

Mix well

[Eating Crab Sore Throat]_ Crab Meat _ Cause

[Eating Crab Sore Throat]_ Crab Meat _ Cause

Crabs are delicious, especially the hairy crabs are thick and fatty, and they are loved by many people.

However, there are many problems to pay attention to when eating crabs. Too many people will experience various discomforts after eating crabs for various reasons. For example, someone may feel a throat after eating crabsvery painful.
So, what is the pain of eating crab?

Let’s take a look below.

Seafood crabs and shrimps are all cold foods. Eating these foods can easily cause inflammation of the throat, so pay attention to them. When eating, do not overdo it.Get some detoxifying drugs first, this will effectively prevent throat inflammation.

First, pay more attention to diet and appropriate taboos.

Be sure to focus on a light diet. Try to eat less or no spicy food, as well as fried foods such as fritters, potato chips, etc. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.

Second, if it is in winter, then you must keep warm.

When going out, wear high-necked clothes or a scarf to protect your throat from wind and cold.

Third, use a moderate voice.

When the throat is inflamed, sore throat usually appears. If you continue to speak loudly, it may easily lead to congestion of the throat.

Fourth, drink plenty of water.

This helps alleviate the dry and itchy throat, promotes metabolism, and accelerates the elimination of viral bacteria from the body.

If the throat is caused by getting angry, then you can drink some heat-defying drinks.

Fifth, if it is more serious, you can take medication.

For example, cephalosporins, macrolides such as acetylspiramycin and other drugs.

6. Contains laryngeal tablets, some watermelon cream moisturizing tablets, cool throat tablets, etc.

These throat films can make your throat feel more comfortable.

Old Chinese medicine teaches you how to choose ginseng wine

Old Chinese medicine teaches you how to choose ginseng wine

Ginseng has been a valuable supplement since ancient times, especially in terms of reduction. Pharmacology and biochemistry have proved that ginseng has nourishing, strong, anti-fatigue, anti-hypoxia, and enhance immunity. It is an anti-aging product.

There are many kinds of ginseng wines, generally 1 in ginseng wine?
2 ginseng, ginseng color is white and yellow, wine has five colors transparent, but also pale yellow.

What kind of ginseng wine is the best quality?

The following Chinese medicine teaches you how to choose ginseng wine: ginseng wine ginseng wine ginseng skin should be brown or brown red, the color of the wine is dark brown or yellow is better.

When ginseng is used for immersion, if the color of the epidermis becomes darker, this indicates that the ginseng is replaced by the active ingredient ginseng saponin. After the ginseng ingredients are all leached, the ginseng epidermis becomes white, and the wine used has no color, indicating thatGinseng wine has no medicinal effect.

If the ginseng is bleached with sulfur before it is filled into the bottle, the skin is generally white, but the wine of the ginseng should also have a pale yellow color, so the wine should be accompanied by the aromatic odor of the ginseng (soil).The unique aroma of unoccupied ginseng indicates that ginseng wine is of poor quality and should not be used.

The practice of ginseng wine: raw ginseng 50 grams, 60 degrees white wine 500 ml.

Wash the ginseng, dry it, knead it into a coarse powder, add it into a thin-mouth bottle, add white wine, seal the bottle mouth and shake it once a day.

Can be admitted after half a month.

Use 10 for daily dinner?
20 ml.

After drinking, ginseng can be soaked once more with wine.

Ginseng wine can make up for the vitality, cure all kinds of imaginary, use the treatment of old age or physical weakness after illness, impotence, lack of strength, and less food.

Yingfei Po implanted bundle belt remote control stomach weight loss 58 kg

Yingfei Po implanted “bundle belt” remote control stomach weight loss 58 kg

Caroline, 48 years old?
Pemayes is a bookkeeper and currently lives in Escher, Surrey, England, with his 56-year-old husband, Hamid.
Since the birth of two children after marriage, Caroline’s body began to expand like a balloon.
  Even worse, she began to get into the habit of overeating.
Once upon a time, she ate 40 chocolate bars and a lot of cakes and biscuits a day, and the calorie intake was nearly 20,000 calories, which is 10 times that of the average person!
When Caroline, who weighed 137 kilograms, saw her bloated figure in the mirror, she began to lose her heart.
So she began to try various ways to lose weight, from dieting, exercise to hypnotism therapy, but unfortunately none of them worked.
  45 minutes of surgical implantation of the gastric band Finally, one day, the doctor told Caroline that if she did not lose weight immediately, she would only live for up to seven years.
After some online enquiries, she discovered an electron beam gastric band made of silica gel – “easy band”.
  It is reported that this in vitro regulated gastric volume device is mounted on the upper part of the patient’s stomach and consists of a highly sensitive micro-receiver, a computer chip and a micro-engine of the size of a 10 pence coin.
Its working principle is that when it is necessary to reduce the gastric volume, the doctor only presses the button to send an electronic remote control signal, the receiver receives the micro-engine after receiving, and “commands” the gastric band to tighten, reducing the gastric capacity, thereby causing the patient to produce “The feeling of being full is to achieve the purpose of controlling the diet.
In February last year, Caroline received a pioneering operation with an electron beam gastric band at the Alexandria Hospital in Manchester. The operation lasted for 45 minutes.
  Losing 58 kilograms in 1 year According to Caroline: “The gastric bandage contracted for the first time at 8 weeks after surgery.
It felt like a slight indigestion, but it quickly adapted.
“Now, Caroline eats only a quarter of a breakfast cake for breakfast every day.
She said: “When I reach my (weight loss) goal, the stomach belt will slowly relax, so I can eat more, but I will still control my weight.
“A year has passed since the surgery, Caroline’s weight has now dropped to 79 kilograms, a total of 58 kilograms.
  The first successful case in the UK It is understood that the gastric banding surgery has been in existence for a long time, but the traditional method is mainly to occupy a part of the stomach space by implanting a balloon in the stomach and injecting physiological saline.
Although this method is effective, physiological saline is prone to infection and leakage, which is dangerous to the human body.
The electron beam gastric band can be “shrinked” immediately by external remote control, so it is safer, more accurate, and painless.
  According to Caroline’s surgeon, David from the Health Center of Alexandria Hospital?
According to Ashton, Caroline was the first patient in the UK to successfully lose weight through this innovative surgery.
This is too exciting.

Appropriate improvement of room air seven coups

Appropriate improvement of room air seven coups

The other type is microbial contaminants.

Such as bacteria, viruses, pollen and dust.

At the front of the room, it is easy to breed fungi and cause microbes to pollute indoor air.

In the process of mass reproduction, flour will emit annoying special odor.

These biological contaminations may cause health damage to allergic diseases and respiratory diseases of home users.

Therefore, it can be said that the focus of “family environmental protection” is to eliminate these sources of pollution, which in turn provides a guarantee for the health of family members and also reduces pollution to the external environment.

  Here are some ways to improve indoor air quality: ◆ First, when you are decorating your home, choose a green decorative material with an eco-label.

You can consult the China Building Decoration Association and other units for details in this regard, or you can ask the personnel of the indoor monitoring center to check the indoor air quality.

  ◆Second, we must give full play to the function of the range hood.

Whether it is cooking or boiling water, as long as the cooker is turned on, the cooker hood should be opened, and the kitchen door should be closed and the window opened, which is conducive to air circulation and eliminates replacement.

  ◆ Put down the filler when the toilet is flushed, and try not to open it when you are not using it.

  ◆ It is best to use a solid slow release disinfectant in the water tank and choose a safe and effective air disinfection product to purify the air.

  ◆ Overall, when cleaning, it is best to use a vacuum cleaner, or use a mop and a wet rag.

If you use a broom, the action should be light. Do not raise the dust to increase the air pollution.

Try not to use carpets, “chicken feathers”.

  ◆ For households that use air conditioners, it is best to activate a ventilator.

Among them, the heat exchanger efficiency is higher, and some heat exchange efficiency can reach about 70%. The discharged cold air can effectively replace the hot fresh air cooling and keep the indoor air fresh.

Another effective way is to use an air purifier.

  ◆ Of course, the most effective and economical way to keep the air in the living room fresh and clean is to ventilate frequently.

Ejiao nourishing use

Ejiao nourishing use

Ejiao is a nourishing and strong product. It is a flesh and bloody thing. It can be used alone or in combination with other drugs to make frying agents, medicated diets, anointing and medicines.

  50 grams of gelatin, 25 grams of myrrh, 25 grams of frankincense, 30 grams of yam, 25 grams of fragrant incense, 75 grams of white peony, 35 grams of ginseng, 50 grams of antler gum, 50 grams of yuanhu, 30 grams of sandalwood, 100 grams of Divine Comedy, 100 grams of chicken gold, 20 grams of nine insects.

Make a powder, take 10 grams each time, blunt with rice soup, 2-3 times a day.

Indications for gastric ulcer, repeated attacks, long-term unhealthy.

  Ejiao 20 grams, Ai Ye charcoal, white peony root, 10 grams of rehmannia, Angelica, Chuanxiong, licorice each 5 grams, Shuijianbi, 1 day.

Applicable to threatened abortion (pregnancy blood, abdominal pain).

  15 grams of Ejiao, 10 grams of mantle, 10 grams of Rhizoma Imperatae, Shuijianbi.

Applicable to hematuria for a long time.

  Ejiao 15 grams, white peony, ginseng, seven grams each 10 grams, Shuijianbi, 1 day.

Suitable for vomiting blood.

  15 grams of Ejiao, 5 grams of red ginseng, 0.6 grams of cinnabar, first detoxification, add red ginseng decoction, and finally into the cinnabar, 1 day.

Applicable to the elderly with blood deficiency and heart palpitations.

  15 grams of Ejiao, 10 grams of purple grass, 12 grams of mantle, Shuijianbi, 1 day.

Applicable to women with more blood in the stool, dizziness, thin and weak.

  Ejiao, black Puhuang each 15 grams, 20 grams of raw land, 10 grams of arborvitae charcoal, Shuijianbi.

Suitable for all kinds of bleeding.

  15 grams of Ejiao, 10 grams of Eclipta prostrata, Shuijianbi, 1 day.

Suitable for women to stagnate.

  15 grams of Ejiao, 10 grams of raw sun ginseng, Shuijianbi, 1 day.

It has obvious curative effect on virulence.

  20 grams of Ejiao, Aristolochia, burdock, almond, licorice, 10 grams each, Shuijianbi, 1 day.

Apply to cough, shortness of breath, or blood in the sputum.

  A gelatin beads 10 grams (烊服), 120 grams of raw land, 20 grams of Xianling spleen, 30 grams of mulberry parasitic, 10 grams of licorice, 10 grams of cassia twig, 10 grams of medlar, 20 grams of astragalus, 15 grams of mother-of-pearl, Ophiopogon japonicus10 grams, 10 grams of Chuanxiong, 10 grams of dried tangerine peel.

Shuijianbi, 1 day, morning and evening.

Kidney and heart.

Indications: Frequent ventricular premature beats, chest tightness, tinnitus, limb weakness, dry mouth, red tongue white fur, pulse sinking and knot.

Generally 3-5 doses can control the disease.