Ping An Bank (000001): Stable transition and continuous improvement

Ping An Bank (000001): Stable transition and continuous improvement

On the evening of October 21, Ping An Bank announced its 2019 third quarter performance report, and achieved operating income of 1,029 in the first three quarters.

60,000 yuan, an increase of 18 in ten years.

8%, achieving a net profit of 236 attributable to shareholders of the parent company.

2 ten percent, an increase of 15 per year.


The performance continued the high growth trend in the first half of the year, with revenue and profit growing at more than 15%.

From the perspective of performance breakdown, the driving factor of high revenue growth mainly comes from the daily average interest-earning assets +6 per year.

3%, interest margin + 33bps per year, net fee income +17 per year.


The spread is 33bps to 2 every time.

62%, asset and debt pricing are contributing in the short term, but the company’s Q3 NIM is down 9bps from the previous quarter, of which assets -10bps / debt -2bps.

The preliminary structure is mainly due to the downward link in loan pricing, but the disadvantages are that the overall cost is stable, and the interest rate on the 广州桑拿 retail side has dropped significantly.

As for non-interest, handling fees and investment income were affected by the base of the same period last year. The growth rate fluctuated, but the absolute level was stable.

Asset expansion accelerated, bonds continued to increase, and the retail transition steadily advanced.

In terms of scale, asset growth accelerated in the third quarter (Q2 / Q3 were +1 respectively.

7% / 3.

3%), which is expected to be related to the replenishment of converted debt capital.

From a structural point of view, benefiting from the reduction in the reserve ratio, the asset structure has been further optimized.

The results of the company’s retail transformation continue to materialize. The company ‘s basic retail and private banking customers and asset management scales have achieved an early growth of more than 25%. The increase in loans is tilted towards retail, especially small consumer loans.

4 points to 59.

2%, but the new loan, auto financing and other businesses based on risk control reasons, this period has some control.

The non-performing ratio has improved, the generation ratio has been paid attention to, and the proportion of loans has declined, and asset quality has continued to solidify.

Judging from the main indicators, the marginal improvement of the company’s asset quality is obvious, and the provision continues to increase.

We believe that the first phase of the improvement of the company’s asset quality has been completed, and the follow-up mainly observes whether the non-performing mutations in retail loans can restore effective control. If the incidence of non-performing loans can be effectively controlled, there is still room for credit costs to penetrate.

We slightly adjust the company’s EPS to 1, 2019, 2020, and 2021.

58 yuan, 1.

71 yuan and 1.

96 yuan, estimated net assets at the end of 2019 is 14.

08 yuan, calculated based on the closing price on October 21, 2019, the corresponding PE for 2019-2021 is 10.



6 times, corresponding to 1 at the end of 2019.

2 times.

The company’s retail in the early stage has gradually entered the cashing stage. At present, the improvement of operations has gradually been transformed into financial indicators. There is still room for optimizing the retail business, especially the allocation of corporate resources will help improve and reduce costs.

In the future, we need to focus on observing the improvement of risk control capabilities—improvement of asset quality—credit cost savings—elasticity of operating performance and the progress of the transformation of corporate business.

The company’s recent performance in the secondary market confirms investors’ recognition of the fundamentals and is estimated to have been repaired to the next highest level of shares.

We believe that the transition and transformation are advancing, the flexibility of subsequent performance is improved, and we maintain a prudent overweight rating on the company.
Risk warning: Asset quality is changing faster than expected, retail transition is not progressing

Gemdale Group (600383): 2019 results expected to increase 20% of financing advantages highlighting attractive dividends

Gemdale Group (600383): 2019 results expected to increase 20% of financing advantages highlighting attractive dividends
Predicting a maximum profit growth of 21% in 2019, we expect the company to achieve a net profit of US $ 9.8 billion in 2019, corresponding to a growth rate of 21% and corresponding profit2.17 yuan, basically consistent with market consensus expectations.  Points for Attention Profits in 2019 and 2020 are expected to increase steadily by 20%, and gross profit margin will decrease slightly.We expect the company’s profit to grow 21% and 19% annually in 2019 and 2020, respectively.Taking into account that the settlement of high gross profit projects in 2018 pushed up the gross profit margin base (the gross profit margin base after tax in 2018 was 31%, which is the highest value in recent years), our revenue company’s gross profit margin after tax in 2019 and 2020 will fall to 29% and 27%.  Initial sales growth is expected to exceed 10%.The company realized a budget of US $ 12.2 billion in January 2020, and achieved a continuous growth rate of 15% without a low base in the same period last year. -12%).We expect the company’s sales growth to reach over 10% in 2020, corresponding to a planned over 230 billion yuan.In January 2020, the company added three new projects in Harbin and Qingdao, with an additional 390,000 m2 of soil storage, corresponding to a land acquisition volume of 31 trillion, accounting for 25% of the total during the same period.We expect the company to obtain land in advance in the first quarter affected by the epidemic situation, and in the second quarter will choose opportunities to replenish stocks in the land market.  The financial security is high, and the advantages of the financing side are prominent.As of 3Q19, the company had cash in hand covering interest denies due within one year1.8 times, high margin of cash safety; net debt rate of 68%, 10 segments lower than the interim report; average financing cost 4.8%?4.9%, a low level in the industry.We expect the company to continue its financial endurance and this year’s net interest rate will be controlled below 80%.Recently, the company’s public offering of bonds in 2020 has been replaced by the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The proposed amount of issue is 110 megabytes, with a term of no more than 20 years (including 20 years).  Maintain high dividends and high dividend yields.We expect the company to maintain a dividend ratio of around 35%, corresponding to a dividend yield of 5 in 2019/2020.9% / 6.7%, which is significantly higher than the average level of our covered housing enterprises4.7% / 5.6%.  Estimates and recommendations We keep the company’s 2019/2020 profit forecast unchanged?Profit forecast 夜来香体验网 for 2021 2.97 yuan.The company is currently trading at 5.0/4.4x 2020/2021 forecast P / E ratio.We maintain our Outperform rating and, given that local industry policy adjustments are driving market risks to the sector, we raise our target price by 8% to 16.83 yuan, the new target price corresponds to 6.5/5.7 times the target price-earnings ratio of 2020/2021 and a 30% upside.  Risks are mainly laid out Tighter-than-expected city tightening policies; the new crown epidemic lasts longer than expected.

Jinjia Co. (002191): Color Box Continues High-Growth New Tobacco Development

Jinjia Co. (0都市夜网 02191): Color Box Continues High-Growth New Tobacco Development

In the first half of 2019, net profit attributable to mothers increased by 22 per year.

6%, the performance is in line with expectations in the first half of 2019 Jinjia shares to achieve revenue of 18.

60,000 yuan, an increase of 15 in ten years.

9%; net profit attributable to mother 4.

6 ppm, an increase of 22 in ten years.

6%, which is in line with our democratic expectations;

50,000 yuan, an annual increase of 25.


Single-quarter revenue in 2Q19 increased by ten in ten years.

5% to 8.

6 trillion, net profit attributable to mothers increased by 23 in ten years.

7% to 2.

10,000 yuan.

We expect the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 to be 0.

60, 0.

72, 0.

85 yuan to maintain the “overweight” level.

Cigarette label business is developing steadily, and color boxes maintain high growth. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, cigarette production increased from January to June 20193.

8%, benefiting from the steady development of the tobacco industry, Jinjia’s 19H1 tobacco label business revenue (excluding Chongqing Hongsheng / Hongjin) increased by 6.

55% to 13.

At 4 million, the net profit of Chongqing Hongsheng, a tobacco label subsidiary (excluding the proceeds from disposing of the Bank of Chengdu), increased by 45% to 32.81 million yuan each year, driving the company’s investment income to increase by 68% to 49.38 million yuan.

The color box business continued to grow at a high rate. Cooperation with leading liquor companies such as Maotai Technology, Wuliangye and other leading wine companies has steadily advanced, exploring new tobacco brand customers such as Rhinoceros, Dimo, Twepp, and Magic Flute, and expanding new tobacco packaging business.As for the qualification of suppliers of mobile phone brands, the revenue of 19H1 color box business increased by 80 per year.

4% to 3.

3.6 billion.

The gross profit margin of color boxes increased significantly, and the percentage of the expense ratio decreased slightly during the period. The company’s 19H1 comprehensive gross profit margin decreased by 0.

99pct to 43.

1%, of which the change in gross profit margin of cigarette label / laser packaging material / color box business moved -0 respectively.

22pct / -6.

16pct / + 6.

66 points to 43.

8% / 17.

6% / 32.

At 7%, the maximum gross profit margin of color boxes has been significantly improved, which is mainly due to the continuous improvement of maximum production capacity.

During the period, the rate of expenses fell by 0 every year.

74pct to 13%, of which the sales expense ratio fell 0.

2 points to 3.

1%, mainly benefited from the reduction of storage and transportation fees; the management + R & D expense ratio decreased by 1.

6 points to 10.1% is due to reductions in wages and salaries, business entertainment, and intermediary service fees, etc .; the financial expense ratio increased by 1.

02pct to -0.


In the first half of the year, the company’s net operating cash flow decreased year-on-year.

79% to 3.

4.5 billion, mainly due to the increase in prepaid materials.

New tobacco products are available, and their development prospects are worth looking forward to.
Orderly development of industry norms can be expected.

The company actively cultivates a new type of tobacco industry, and provides smoking research and development services for Yunnan Tobacco, Shanghai Tobacco, Guizhou Tobacco and other Tobacco companies, and transforms and develops independent brand electronic cigarettes. The subsidiary Yinwei Technology has launched FOOGO brand electronic cigarettes in the first half of this year.Deeply tapping the development potential of the new tobacco industry 杭州桑拿网is expected to become a new growth point for the company’s profits.

Big packaging + new tobacco are working together to maintain the “overweight” rating and maintain a sustainable profit forecast. We expect 2019?
In 2021, the company’s net profit will be 8.

8, 10.

5, 12.

4 trillion, corresponding to EPS.

60, 0.

72, 0.

85 yuan.

With reference to the average PE estimates of 22 times for comparable companies in 2019, considering the firm position of the company’s cigarette label leader, the large packaging business opens up development space, giving the company 24 in 2019?
26 times PE estimate, corresponding to a reasonable price range of 14.


60 yuan, maintaining the “overweight” level.

Risk Warning: Tobacco industry policy risks, new business expansion is less than expected.

[Do not ferment watermelon sauce]_ making method _ how to make

[Do not ferment watermelon sauce]_ making method _ how to make

If you buy too many watermelons, you wo n’t be able to eat them all at once. Some are too big and will be wasted after being cut. So everyone will turn watermelon into various snacks, such as watermelon shaved ice, watermelon smoothies, and watermelon salad.But these wives, everyone will do it, there is no taste in eating, so many people prefer to eat fermented watermelon sauce, but they feel that fermentation is more troublesome, is there any way to not ferment?

Ingredients Ingredients Watermelon 5000g Soybean 500g White wine 250ml White sugar 160g Salt 150g Sweet noodle sauce 3 tablespoons pepper aniseed 500g oil Step 1. Wash and soak the soybeans for about four hours.

Forget the snapshot and use a photo taken later.

2. Peel and seed the watermelon and make into small pieces.

3. Heat the oil and fry the pan, stir-fry the peppercorn and aniseed. In order to prevent the peppercorn from being eaten, remove it and put it into the seasoning bag.

4. Pour watermelon and soy beans, add seasoning bag, boil over high heat, turn to medium heat, and cook for about an hour.

5. Add the remaining spices, salt, sugar, white wine, and sweet noodle sauce, and cook for about two hours.

There is no white wine in my house.

6, continue to cook over medium heat. Be sure to watch the fire at the back. Don’t fool around, really love fool!

7. Put the prepared sauce into the clean container after drying, and take it with you.

Dish featuring side dishes of watermelon sauce.

Its color is ruddy, pure sauce, spicy and slightly sweet.

The raw material is Huaibei soybeans, which store watermelon.

Ingredients are shredded ginger, peppercorns, star anise, minced pepper, and salt.

Soak the soybeans, cook them, drain the water, roll them with white flour, spread them on a chopping board, and place them in a non-ventilated place in the house. After about a week, the soybeans will be covered with pilus and dried.

When making the sauce, pour 500g of soy beans and 200g of salt into the jar, then add the watermelon ravioli.

The ratio of soy beans to melons is one to three. Watermelon juice spreads around fifteen centimeters of beans. Then add ground pepper, ginger, octagonal petals, and Sichuan peppercorns.

Stir well with clean chopsticks, seal the jar tightly with a plastic wrap, and expose to the sun. Open and stir once a day before sealing. It can be eaten after about one month.

Method 1: Preparation of materials: 20 kg of soybeans, 40-60 kg of watermelon, 5 kg of ginger, 5 kg of salt. Steps: In the middle and late July of each year, (the period when a large number of watermelons are on the market), select and clean the soybeans and cook in a large potBaked well, spread evenly with a bamboo curtain or mat, cover with gauze (natural fermentation under warm, weak light, or mixed with koji, after about 7-10 days, dense 1-2cm long white hyphae on the beans),Make each soy grow a layer of earthy tadpoles and rub off the outer tadpoles.

First, peel and crush the watermelon, slice ginger / sliced ginger, boil the brine, add soybeans, ginger, and boil again. After cooling, add watermelon (watermelon juice: remove the ripe watermelon seeds, peel them and add them to the tank, soak the beans orBean flour, the amount of watermelon juice added, subject to submerged beans, it is best not to add additional water) ferment in the tank, a small amount of sauce in the city can also be used in wide-mouth glass bottles (fermentation basin must not be stained with oil and raw water to avoid fermentationFailure or long white film, also called long flower, glass bottle mouth is covered with clean gauze to facilitate ventilation-never use plastic wrap to seal it up, use bamboo, wooden spatula up and down once a day and night, fully fermented), half a monthAfter the sauce body no longer produces foam, ginger ginger can be added, and the sauce is rich and ready to eat after one month.

At this time, if you find that the sauce is dense, you can use star anise and 50G of cinnamon to boil the water (the amount of water depends on the degree of thinness, cash in after cooling, and do not add raw water)

[Can the mouth ulcers eat grapefruit]_ 文旦 _Can you eat

[Can the mouth ulcers eat grapefruit]_ 文旦 _Can you eat

You can eat grapefruit if you have an oral ulcer. Yuzu is known as the king of vc. Its vitamin c content is very high. The most important reason for oral ulcers is vitamin deficiency. It is usually good to eat more of these fruits.The role of treating and preventing oral ulcers, in addition to diet, should usually pay attention to oral hygiene, let’s look at this content.

Can mouth ulcers eat grapefruit?

Mouth ulcers are mainly caused by fire, lack of vitamins, and low autoimmunity. Grapefruit is a cold fruit and is also a high-vitamin C fruit. Consumption has only benefits and no harm to oral ulcers and can be eaten with confidence.

In autumn and winter, the weather is dry, and many people have oral ulcers. Most of them are caused by fire. Grapefruit is a cold fruit that contains a large amount of cold air. It can neutralize the heat in the body and promote the fire-reducing effect.Treats mouth ulcers.

Mouth ulcers are caused by wounds inside the mouth, and infection by oral flora. Complications occur in grapefruit, which is rich in plant acids and has an alternative bactericidal effect. It can kill a part of the flora when eating, and it can cause oral ulcers.Treatment has auxiliary effects.

Mouth ulcers eat grapefruit to eat 1?
Three petals are best.

Eating grapefruit is good for oral ulcers, but grapefruit is not suitable for eating more. First of all, grapefruit is a cold fruit. Too much food can cause coldness in the spleen and stomach. In addition, grapefruit has a large digestive irritation.Stomach acid, stomach pain and other discomforts.


Patients with oral ulcers are advised to eat sour grapefruit, too sweet grapefruit is not suitable for consumption, to avoid excessive sugar content and increase ulcer symptoms.


Mouth ulcers should not eat too much grapefruit, too much plant acid will also damage the oral mucosa, and may also increase the ulcer.


Patients with oral ulcers need to rinse their mouth as soon as possible after eating grapefruit to avoid excessive stimulation of the glands around the mouth and secretion of excessive saliva, which can irritate the ulcer surface.

[How to enhance sexual function time]_How to enhance_How to enhance

[How to enhance sexual function time]_How to enhance_How to enhance

Sexual function mainly refers to the related ability of males in sexual love. From the perspective of specific indicators of sexual function, it mainly refers to the duration of a male during sexual love.

Therefore, if the duration of sex for a man is too short, it also directly indicates that the man’s sexual function is not strong.

Because sex is an important factor affecting the harmony of couples, men with short sexual function time should find ways to increase their sexual function time.

Try to quit smoking, drinking, gambling, and get enough sleep.

Self-confidence must believe that your sexual function is normal, strong, and reproductive.

Being spiritually invincible is often fatal to middle-aged people.

Self-confidence and self-confidence are the fundamentals of a person’s strength. Be sure to believe that I can do it!

Dietary nutrition is appropriate to add more seafood, because seafood contains more “zinc”, it is beneficial to enhance sexual desire.

Zinc is an important trace element in sperm.

If zinc is deficient, the degree of sperm activity will be greatly reduced.

Build j function will be greatly reduced.

Male compatriots pay attention to zinc supplement!

Exercise regularly for jogging or walking, with a focus on the lower body.

The key to the rise and fall of sexual function lies in the waist and feet.

Fitness experts have launched a set of “sex exercises”, each of which can exercise the muscles needed for love.

If you do the following, you will feel physically comfortable and mentally happy, making your sexual muscles firm and strong.

Be ambitious and enthusiastic about your work.

Some people yearn for a comfortable life after retirement and are content to hug their grandchildren. Early sexual aging is inevitable.

Even if you retire, you should look for some public affairs that can interest you.

Although the author has not retired.

But I have already figured out what to do after retirement.

Ambitions have always been strong.

Life is humorous and humorous is the biggest secret to staying young.

The pace of modern life is accelerating, urban people are under great work pressure, and physical function decline and sub-health conditions easily occur.

At the same time, people are “satisfied with lust”, so they pay special attention to the decline of sexual function.

Don’t live under depression.

If you feel stressed, learn how to release it.

I have problems in my heart sooner or later.

With tools, the reasonable use of tools can not only increase the mood of life, but also the pleasure brought by related appliances.

You can refer to this if you agree.

If you don’t agree, please refer to other plans.

Please learn to use it reasonably.

There are many ways that men can control their time and let the other party reach unexpected places.

An hour is not a dream.

First of all, physical strength must be achieved.

12 meridian regimens that help women to live their blood

12 meridian regimens that help women to live their blood

Female health, what seasons to pay attention to.

So what kind of health care is best?

How do women carry out self-physical conditioning? Let’s take a look at the most respected meridian regimen, so that women can soothe meridians and qi and blood, and let Chinese medicine interpret the secrets of women’s meridian health.

  Small secret one: the small fingertip belongs to the meridian: the hand Shaoyin heart effect: often rubbing, biasing the small fingertips is good for heart health, chest tightness, palpitation, motion sickness, seasickness, heavy force on the small fingertips, can also quickly relieve the symptoms of discomfort.

  Small secret two: the meridian of the palm of the hand: the hand rubbing yin heart package effect: often with the index finger knuckles squeeze palm center can promote systemic blood circulation, can increase facial ruddy, reduce wrinkles, and can calm the nerves, calm nerves.

For menstruation, the race has a certain effect.

In addition, it is also good for heart health.

  Small secret three: the meridian of the tip of the thumb: the hand of the lunar lung function: often rubbing, stepping on the tip of the thumb has the effect of proclaiming the lungs and lungs, which helps to maintain the health of the respiratory system.

Especially in the fall, the meridian runs to the hand and the lungs are the best time for respiratory health care.

In addition, severe coughing of the tip of the thumb while coughing can also reduce the symptoms of cough.

For female friends, this meridian is massaged to increase the color of the face. The opposite color is white, the nails are pale or dark purple, and the pain is stimulated, fatigue is eliminated, and wrinkles are reduced.

  Small secret four: the meridians belonging to the lateral depression of the elbow: hand sun small intestine effect: massage the lateral depression of the elbow can carry out small intestine health care, promote nutrient absorption.

It can improve the dark and dull skin tone, restore the skin, moisturize the skin, have allergies to skin allergies and acne, and eczema.

Women who suffer from anemia often massage here more often.

  Small Secret Five: The meridians of the fractures where the legs are straightened: the foot yin and spleen effect: can be pressed with a thumb or hot.

Apply as much force as possible until you feel a slight soreness.

Regular operation can regulate the function of spleen and spleen, have a better effect on sallow complexion, rough skin and rupture of capillaries. It can effectively stop the appearance of skin ulcers, and at the same time improve the digestive function of the digestive system, which can both lose weight and strengthen the body.

  Small Secret Six: The thigh root belongs to the meridian: the foot and the yin and liver function: rubbing the thigh root to the fever, can promote liver hematopoiesis and detoxification.

It has better curative effect on chloasma, pregnancy spots, hemorrhoids, dark complexion and black complexion, and can promote the development of pregnancy and eliminate obesity and pain.

To avoid skin damage, it is recommended to moisturize with a body lotion or shower gel.

  Small Secret Seven: The outer eye corner belongs to the meridian: the foot Shaoyang bile through the small secret eight: the two sides of the nose belong to the meridian: hand Yangming large intestine effect: with the index finger fingertips gently punctate the nose to the health of the large intestine, constipation or diarrhea time stampThere is also some improvement in the symptoms here.

  Little Secret Nine: The Meridian of the Shoulder’s Nest: Hand Shaoyang Sanjiao Effect: Pressing the shoulder socket hardly can not only regulate the circulation of the whole body fluid, enhance immunity, but also stimulate the cerebral cortex, relax the nerves, improve headache, tinnitus, eye pain, throatPain and other physical discomfort.

It has a better effect on facial skin ulcers, rosacea, and skin imaginary symptoms.

It is also a good way to massage the shoulder socket with a hot water column while taking a bath.

  Little Secret 10: The meridian of the sole of the foot: the effect of the foot Shaoyin and kidney: the massage before going to bed can improve the quality of sleep, and the morning massage can bring a strong energy of the day.

Often massage can improve allergies, and it has a better effect on pigmentation, dull complexion and facial edema.

It is recommended to squeeze the curved index finger joint for about 2 minutes.

  Utility: Closed eyes, using the middle finger refers to the outer corner of the abdomen and abdomen is an effective way to promote the health of the gallbladder, and thus has a clear function.

  Small Secret Eleven: The middle of the hip transverse line belongs to the meridian: the foot of the bladder is effective: inserting the center of the horizontal stripes of the hip is beneficial to the health of the bladder, which can improve the freckles caused by various causes and the butterfly spots caused by postpartum endocrine disorders.Improve skin allergies, hair scorch, pale lips, painful eyes and other symptoms.

  Small Secret 12: The meridian of the center of the foot and the horizontal line of the foot: the effect of the foot and the stomach of the stomach: the foot-yangming stomach itself has a two-way benign adjustment effect, so it has the effect of losing weight.

The stomach can be adjusted to adjust the endocrine, can treat skin acne, improve skin color, treat mouth and eyes, and breast augmentation, promote breast development, and treat complications such as diet, insomnia and indigestion.

Liqiu eats honey, does not eat ginger, these fruits are moisturizing and nourishing for autumn.

Liqiu eats honey, does not eat ginger, these fruits are moisturizing and nourishing for autumn.

There is a folk saying in Liqiu that is called “Qiugua bad belly”. Some delicious melons are mostly yin-cold nature. If you eat too much, it will hurt the spleen and stomach, so it should be stopped.

But some “fruits” can eat more.

Pear can moisturize the lungs, can eliminate cough and stop cough, is the most recommended fruit in autumn.

Apple’s plasma multivitamins and potassium are beneficial not only for patients with cardiovascular disease, but also for diarrhea.

Longan has nourishing, strong, soothing, and blood-filling effects, especially suitable for the elderly who suffer from insomnia at night.

Grapes can prevent fatigue, good gas, blood, bones, stomach, diuretic and so on.

Honey has the effect of moistening the lungs and nourishing the lungs, while the autumn needs to protect the lungs.

At the same time, do not eat or eat spicy barbecue foods, including pepper, pepper, cinnamon, ginger, onions and wine, especially ginger.

These foods are hot and easy to get angry after eating, which will increase autumn dryness.

In addition to honey, you can also eat more sesame, almonds and other foods.

It can not only replenish the spleen and stomach but also raise the lungs and intestines, which can prevent the lack of body fluid caused by autumn dryness.

Common dry cough, dry throat, tarnished skin, constipation and other symptoms of physical discomfort can also be alleviated.

Find acupuncture points and press out the delicate face

Find acupuncture points and press out the delicate face

Lead: Many girls who advocate thin face will try their best to face-lift, beautiful and delicate melon seeds can not resist, even the lazy mm will try their best to make their round face slim.

If you want to quickly face-lift, try to massage face-lifting, just look for the acupoints, you can go to edema, thin chin, make your face smaller, become thinner and move your fingers!

  Meizhu points[position]skin, the top edge of the eyebrows is concave (when the brow is in the middle, the embryo is notch).

  [Basic techniques]push.

  [Massage times]Push 30-50 times.

  【Efficacy】Improve symptoms such as facial puffiness caused by edema of the eye.

  Baihui Acupoint[Location]The midpoint of the line connecting the two ear tips in the center of the head.

  [Basic techniques]Press, 揉, sniper, and motorcycle.

  [Massage times]Press 30-50 times, 揉100-200 times, slam 100 times, and rub 100 times.

  [Effect]Matching other acupuncture points can improve the appetite caused by emotional irritability and other reasons.

  The temple[position]is a recess in the back of the two eyebrows.

  [Basic techniques]Push, hehe.

  [Number of massages]Push or lick 30-50 times.

  【Efficacy】Promotes metabolic abnormalities and improves facial edema caused by headache, dizziness and the like.

  Chengqi points[position]directly below the pupil, near the eyelid bone.

  [Basic techniques]揉, press.

  [Number of massages]揉 or press 100 times.

  【Efficacy】Improve gastric motility, improve gastrointestinal digestion, and promote waste excretion in the body.