Anti-aging whitening weight loss colorful pills help you

Anti-aging whitening weight loss colorful pills help you

Doctors and nutritionists agree that taking the right amount of vitamins can improve the body’s inner function and improve skin condition.

However, for the beauty pills, it is still on the sidelines, and there is no clear statement on improving the efficacy, but just to warn everyone to take it moderately.

The American Health Sciences Management Committee has published official reports on beauty pills and vitamin pills, and there is no express restriction on these pills to freely declare their effects.

Therefore, for beauty pills, the healthy attitude should be: careful choice, bold love!

  Although, according to the product description, any of the beauty pills is beneficial, please note that 1 + 1 sometimes does not equal 2, there is a rather complicated relationship among the various drugs.

If you don’t pay attention to it at all, it will easily lead to adverse reactions, so that you will lose your money.

For example, taking excessive amounts of vitamin A can easily lead to hair loss; taking too much vitamin C can cause confusion in the body and affect the body’s ability to absorb copper and zinc.

They are most likely to cause allergies in the vitamin community and require extra caution when taken.

  Therefore, the pill can be eaten, but please eat it smartly and carefully.

Take a little time to understand the function of the various ingredients, consult a doctor to find out if there is a conflict between the ingredients, these beautiful little things will add to your beauty.

  Oral beauty care products special tips 1.

The medicine is not alcohol, even vitamins and beauty pills are no exception, warm water delivery is healthier.


Before taking a beauty pill, it is best to consult a doctor. If you don’t make up for it, don’t eat it. It’s also quite suitable to use it here.


There are dozens of members of the vitamin group, but it is really applied to no more than 10 kinds of beauty care, so don’t trust the so-called latest additions.


Vitamins and botanical ingredients often complement each other and promote each other. When purchasing, consider this two-in-one product.


If you are allergic to seafood products, be careful when taking collagen beauty products that contain “deep sea fish”.


During pregnancy, lactation, and special periods of taking other medications, consult a doctor if you need to take them.

  The beauty of pills is increasing. More and more women regard beauty pills as the driving force for young people. They take medicines one by one every day, not because they are ill, but to keep their youth.

Of course, we can supplement the various nutrients and ingredients needed by the body through diet, but for urban women who are busy and quite mindful, the small dose (round pill) oral beauty drink can be more convenient and more convenient.rapid.

  In Hong Kong, Fancl’s shop, a variety of pills, was initially lined up in a wall.

  In the United States, “Nature’s Farm” has determined that their new products will give women the best softness after taking them.

Veteran health care product manufacturer Nutrilite has a wide variety of oral pills for vitamin care.

Skincare company Shuizhi Ao has launched a large-scale collagen brand for oral beauty drinks.

The Japanese brand DHC is also the heart of a beautiful woman with a variety of vegetables and fruit pills.

Avon, Yangshengtang, Herbalife and other companies are also unwilling.

Suddenly, the beauty battlefield hit the internal service from external use.

  According to the function of these facts, these small things can be roughly divided into: anti-aging experts such as pills mainly contain protein extracts, which are very similar to the proteins that make up the skin, easy to absorb the skin, can help repair damaged collagen.
, elastic fiber and polysaccharide to improve skin’s gloss and firmness.

  Green A natural spirulina fine tablets Yangshengtang natural vitamin E FANCL fish oil compound capsule pigment controller whitening beauty care products, can reduce the formation of skin melanin, brighten skin tone.

In addition, if you want to be tanning, the related pigment control beauty care products can help you increase the tanning speed by at least 2 times, thus avoiding damage to the skin through exposure to ultraviolet light.

  DHC amino acid fruity drink powder (west grape flavor) DHC concentrated thorn pear tablets muscle intestinal detoxification device The main function of this pill is light fat weight loss, they can help the body to discharge toxic substances in the intestines, remove impurities in the body, so that the skin becomesIt is lighter.

  FANCL vegetable fiber powder Herbalife aloe vera nutrition powder moisturizing and pore repair expert This kind of beauty and health care products can improve the skin’s water retention and anti-drying ability, and the collagen component contained therein can increase the skin’s skin support and pore wall from the inside.The elasticity makes the pores recover even after expansion, ensuring the firmness and delicateness of the skin.

  FANCL Silk Protein Composite Tablets American Natural Treasure Liquid Collagen?
H2O + Shuizhi Ao Collagen Rosehip Tablets Menstrual Secretion Regulators A variety of beauty pills can stabilize the secretion of hormones in the body, thus avoiding the production of acne and excessive secretion of sebum, and also help alleviate the skin pressure caused by excessive tension.