Epilepsy prescription

Epilepsy prescription

Prescription one composition Tianma 30 grams Chuan Fritillaria 15 grams of biliary star 15 grams of ginger Pinelli 30 grams of orange red 15 grams 茯苓 30 grams of calamus 15 grams of 蝎 18 grams of silkworm 18 grams 蜈蚣 5 white staff 18 grams of acacia 18 grams of scorpion yellow 30 grams of cinnabar12 grams (other research) system using the drug is a very fine, with ginger juice 30 grams, bamboo ligt 30 grams, after adding water, the pan-pill is mung bean large, bottling spare.

Adults take 3 times a day, 6 grams each time, children reduce.

  Indications for epileptic seizures.

  Addition and subtraction such as weak body or long-term illness, Zhengqi conversion, plus ginseng 15 grams; sick and stubborn, plus 12 grams of realgar, another research into the prodrug to help the drug.

  The prescription consists of two parts (1) Epilepsy No. 1 Fang Guizhi Shichangpu Chendanxing method Pinellia cinnabarinus ruthenium silkworms fried yellow 芩 藤 竺 竺 竺 竺 Huangsheng oyster shell wood licorice.

(2) Epilepsy No. 2 Fangsheng Aconite, South Star, Pinellia, White Aconite, Black Soybean, White Ginger Juice.

(3) saliva cream benzoin male clove borneol white pepper musk Vaseline function indications (1) Fang Gong use to break the knot, hurricane cough, attending epilepsy.

(2) Fang Gong used to invigorate the yang, declare happiness, eliminate stubbornness, and relieve cough, attending epilepsy.

(3) Fang Gong used to open heart and mind, wake up, attending epilepsy.

  Prescription three composition Tianzhu yellow 15g agarwood 9g winter 60g white peony 90g 茯 god 120g Yuanzhi meat (steamed) 60g Maidong (to heart) 60g moxibustion licorice 18g spin complex flower 45g Suzi 60Restricted fragrant 90 grams of ginger, Pinellia 30 grams of acacia (to black skin, to the child moxibustion crisp) 60 grams of yam yam appropriate cinnabar amount of usage will be applied to the medicine (except yam, cinnabar) research fine, and then yam research, toAppropriate amount of yam powder to adjust the end of the drug, for the paste, cinnabar for clothing.

In addition to not being used as a decoction, this side can also be swallowed as a powder or encapsulated in capsules or glutinous rice paper.

9 grams per serving, 1 per day?
2 times, warm water to send clothes.

  Indications for epilepsy.

Waiting for timing and timing

Waiting for timing and timing

Mrs. Curie said: “The weak wait for the opportunity, and the strong create the opportunity.

“This is really a famous saying.

In the “Taipei Evening News”, there was a story about Dr. Lin Yutang’s story that said: “One day, a gentleman banqueted the famous American writer Sai Pearl, and Mr. Lin Yutang was also invited, so he asked the owner to take him.The seats are next to Pearl S.

During the meeting, Pearl S. Buck knew that there were many Chinese writers on the seat and said: ‘Why don’t you make a new work for the US publishing industry?

I am willing to introduce.

’”  “座上人当时都以为这是一种普通敷衍说词而已,未予注意;独林博上当场一口答应,归而以两日之力,搜集其发表于中国之英文小品成一巨册And send the match pearl, please be axe.

The game was therefore a good impression of Dr. Lin, and he was fully committed to his success.

  ”It is said that there are still Wu Jingxiong, Wen Yuanning, Quan Zengqi, etc. in the guest on the same day. They are rumors in English. They are not in Dr. Lin. Therefore, if they are serious, they can also be sent to the competition on the same day.If you are successful today, you may not be Lin.

From this story, it seems that a person can succeed, but it depends on genius. It depends on hard work, but it is good at creating opportunities, grasping the timing in time, not following the order, not watching, not shrinking, not hesitating, thinking about doing it, there isThe courage to try, the determination to practice, and how many factors add up can make a person’s success.

So, although some people’s success lies in a very chance, but seriously, this accidental opportunity can be discovered, caught, and fully utilized, but it is by no means accidental.

  Opportunity is a complex factor in the world of things that happens to be a gap between your operations.

This gap is fleeting, so it is necessary to grasp the timing and really need to “capture” quickly, but not to wait there or delay.

  Xi Xi said: “The opportunity will not come to your door again.

“This is not to say that it is big, or that it is being manipulated and pushed between everything, and it is involuntarily.”

  Waiting for the wait is the biggest reason for people’s failure, so say: “The weak wait for the opportunity, the strong create the opportunity”; the so-called “creation opportunity” is only between the thousands of factors running, and strive to add one thousand of their ownThe power of the hope to make the operation of “opportunity” a moment that is beneficial to oneself.

The story of Dr. Lin Yutang can be said to be the best proof.

  徘徊 望 望 is the enemy of our success.

Many people have no confidence in the opportunity they have come to face, and they have let go of it between a hesitation.

The opportunity is hard to come by. This is true, because even if it is willing to come again, come to your door, but if you still haven’t changed your carelessness, it will still slip away.

Suffering from cold acupuncture can be treated

Suffering from cold acupuncture can be treated

A cold is a common and frequently-occurring disease that can be seen throughout the year.
The following experts introduce the method of acupuncture treatment of colds, come and have a look!
  Colds are acute upper respiratory tract infections caused by a variety of viruses and bacteria, including the common cold and influenza.
The common symptoms of the respiratory tract above the common cold are heavy, and the systemic symptoms are mild.
Influenza is acute, fever, headache, joint pain and other systemic symptoms, and upper respiratory symptoms are generally mild.
It belongs to the category of “injury” and “time to catch a cold” in Chinese medicine.
Cold and cold: fever, light cold, heavy cold, nasal congestion, heavy flow, clear headache, body pain, limbs, sour, no sweat; thin white fur, pulse floating tight.
You can choose Fengchi, Fengmen, and Liu.
Wind-heat cold: heavy fever, slightly aversion to cold, head pain, sore throat, stuffy nose, turbidity; thin yellowish moss, pulse floating number.
You can choose Fengchi, Dazhui, and Aizawa.
Shushi cold: Seen in the summer, aversion to cold or fever, dizziness, heavy head, cold, turbidity, chest tightness, loss of appetite, diarrhea; yellow greasy moss, pulse number.
You can choose Zusanli and Zhongyu points.
Auricular point pressure: the inner nose, throat, and forehead of the lungs.
Skin Needle: along the back of the Du Meridian, the bladder is stabbed to flushing, and then pulled out of the cupping.
  Experts said that after drinking a cold, you must drink plenty of water and rest. It can promote a quick recovery. If you do not massage the acupuncture points above, you can achieve the effect.

Liqiu eats honey, does not eat ginger, these fruits are moisturizing and nourishing for autumn.

Liqiu eats honey, does not eat ginger, these fruits are moisturizing and nourishing for autumn.

There is a folk saying in Liqiu that is called “Qiugua bad belly”. Some delicious melons are mostly yin-cold nature. If you eat too much, it will hurt the spleen and stomach, so it should be stopped.

But some “fruits” can eat more.

Pear can moisturize the lungs, can eliminate cough and stop cough, is the most recommended fruit in autumn.

Apple’s plasma multivitamins and potassium are beneficial not only for patients with cardiovascular disease, but also for diarrhea.

Longan has nourishing, strong, soothing, and blood-filling effects, especially suitable for the elderly who suffer from insomnia at night.

Grapes can prevent fatigue, good gas, blood, bones, stomach, diuretic and so on.

Honey has the effect of moistening the lungs and nourishing the lungs, while the autumn needs to protect the lungs.

At the same time, do not eat or eat spicy barbecue foods, including pepper, pepper, cinnamon, ginger, onions and wine, especially ginger.

These foods are hot and easy to get angry after eating, which will increase autumn dryness.

In addition to honey, you can also eat more sesame, almonds and other foods.

It can not only replenish the spleen and stomach but also raise the lungs and intestines, which can prevent the lack of body fluid caused by autumn dryness.

Common dry cough, dry throat, tarnished skin, constipation and other symptoms of physical discomfort can also be alleviated.

Health recipe for getting angry in the spring

Health recipe for getting angry in the spring

The nose is prone to bleeding, the scorpion becomes dumb, the mouth is sore, and the constipation is difficult to go to the toilet. The moment is in the spring, the wind is dry and dry, causing the fire to be everywhere.

In progress, Chinese medicine professionals reminded that in the spring, the body heat is more prosperous. If you do not pay attention to the light diet and regular life, it is easy to “fire the upper body.”

  Why is the fire in the spring?

  First, the traditional medicine of the motherland believes that all things in the spring nature are recovering, the yang is rising, it is easy to disturb the human liver, the gallbladder, accumulating the accumulated internal heat, and spring dryness; in addition, most of the northern part of the region is characterized by dry and windy climate.It often makes people feel uncomfortable.

  Second, the spring wind is less rainy and the climate is dry. The human body’s water is easily lost through sweating, breathing, and the weather changes erraticly. It is difficult to maintain the balance and stability of the body’s metabolism, and it is easy to cause physiological dysfunction and become “on fire.”Symptoms, such as dry throat pain, red eyes dry, hot nose, hot lips, dry lips, sore tongue, loss of appetite, dry stool, yellow urine and so on.

  ☆ sore throat, sore throat, pain relief, I am afraid that one of the most common “fire” symptoms in spring.

Treatment can try the following methods: spring clear throat soup: chrysanthemum, honeysuckle each 10 grams, raw licorice, 6 grams of fat sea.

The medicine is placed in a thermos bottle, brewed with boiling water, and served on behalf of the tea, 1 dose per day.

It has the effect of evacuating wind and heat, and clearing the sound.

Mainly used for acute pharyngitis in spring, sore throat caused by tonsillitis, treatment of dry mouth and dry cough.

  ☆ Aphthous ulcers In the spring, many people have experienced a long mouth sore regardless of gender.

  It often appears inexplicably in the mouth, and the symptoms reach climax after 3-4 days. In addition to the obvious pain, it is accompanied by systemic symptoms such as low fever and local lymphadenopathy.

After 4-5 days, the blush gradually subsides and relieves pain; after 8-14 days, the ulcer can heal itself without leaving traces.

In the treatment, you can replace Huanglian Shangqing tablets, Sanhuang tablets and other drugs, or topical watermelon creams as appropriate.

  ☆ Constipation In the spring, the elderly often have dry stools.

  Treatment of constipation caused by spring dryness, easy to “run” should not be “diarrhea”, you can try the following moisturizing diet prescription.

  Sesame walnut soup: black sesame seeds, walnut kernels (grinded) each amount, stir-fry, mix honey together, warm water to prepare, take appropriate amount every day.

  Honey cassia drink: 15 grams of fried cassia seed, add the right amount of water, into the casserole, boil and simmer for 30 minutes, filter the liquid and transfer a small amount of honey, daily fasting instead of tea.

  The nasal capillaries in the nasal cavity are rich and brittle, and the dry spring climate will first endanger the nasopharynx, make the nasal mucosa dry, and the capillaries rupture, leading to nosebleeds.

In the treatment, bleeding can be used for cold forehead, nasal bridge method to temporarily stop the blood; after rehabilitation, you can take 30 grams of Rhizoma Imperatae or 15 grams of Jianshui Jianshui, on behalf of tea often drink.

It has the functions of clearing heat, cooling blood and stopping bleeding.

Appropriate improvement of room air seven coups

Appropriate improvement of room air seven coups

The other type is microbial contaminants.

Such as bacteria, viruses, pollen and dust.

At the front of the room, it is easy to breed fungi and cause microbes to pollute indoor air.

In the process of mass reproduction, flour will emit annoying special odor.

These biological contaminations may cause health damage to allergic diseases and respiratory diseases of home users.

Therefore, it can be said that the focus of “family environmental protection” is to eliminate these sources of pollution, which in turn provides a guarantee for the health of family members and also reduces pollution to the external environment.

  Here are some ways to improve indoor air quality: ◆ First, when you are decorating your home, choose a green decorative material with an eco-label.

You can consult the China Building Decoration Association and other units for details in this regard, or you can ask the personnel of the indoor monitoring center to check the indoor air quality.

  ◆Second, we must give full play to the function of the range hood.

Whether it is cooking or boiling water, as long as the cooker is turned on, the cooker hood should be opened, and the kitchen door should be closed and the window opened, which is conducive to air circulation and eliminates replacement.

  ◆ Put down the filler when the toilet is flushed, and try not to open it when you are not using it.

  ◆ It is best to use a solid slow release disinfectant in the water tank and choose a safe and effective air disinfection product to purify the air.

  ◆ Overall, when cleaning, it is best to use a vacuum cleaner, or use a mop and a wet rag.

If you use a broom, the action should be light. Do not raise the dust to increase the air pollution.

Try not to use carpets, “chicken feathers”.

  ◆ For households that use air conditioners, it is best to activate a ventilator.

Among them, the heat exchanger efficiency is higher, and some heat exchange efficiency can reach about 70%. The discharged cold air can effectively replace the hot fresh air cooling and keep the indoor air fresh.

Another effective way is to use an air purifier.

  ◆ Of course, the most effective and economical way to keep the air in the living room fresh and clean is to ventilate frequently.

Be wary of post-holiday syndrome relaxation lazy 1 week aggravation procrastination

Be wary of post-holiday syndrome relaxation lazy 1 week aggravation procrastination


Enough entertainment, long-distance travel, overeating, irregular life rules, during the holiday period, this indulgence but irregular life may be the normal state of life for many people.

From today, the long holiday officially ended, and life switched from vacation mode to work mode.

Doctors suggest that office workers want to reduce the “post-holiday syndrome” and quickly enter the work, through self-regulation, about two or three days to complete this transformation.

During this time, you can do more exercise and listen to music.

In terms of diet, it is mainly based on lightness.

Case 1: The house is suffering from a “mouse hand” at home. “The golden week is full of people, and it is still not going to follow everyone’s fun.”

“After considering the long vacation travel crowd, 85 after a technology company IT men’s small week decided that these 7 days home.

According to Xiao Zhou’s plan, 7 days to eat with friends, about a few friends playing basketball every day, and then watching a few good movies, it should be very comfortable.

In fact, on the first day of the holiday, the planned plan was completely vetoed by myself.

Get up the first thing every day, turn on your computer, play games.

Hungry, called takeaway.

Thirsty, buy bottled water. This day lasted until the fifth day, Xiao Zhou found that his bag of garbage went downstairs, and his hands were not strong.

Opinion: Xiao Zhou came to the hospital, the doctor told Xiao Zhou that he had the legendary “mouse hand”.

The “mouse hand” is medically called “repetitive stress damage” due to repeated operation of the computer keyboard and mouse, and the wrist is in a state in which it cannot be naturally pressed.

The doctor said that it is easy to get a holiday sick without going out. These two days, there are many college students and urban white-collar workers. Because of the long-term ‘home’ at home, they can go online and play games, causing dizziness and headache.

Case 2: Slacking for 1 week, “procrastination” aggravated “completed, PPT will be handed over tomorrow, and has not done yet.”

“This is the latest WeChat status of Xiao Huang who is an executive in a company.”

“I gave it to me before the boss’s day. He wants to use it today. What should I do?”

Huang Xiaoyuan sat in front of the computer and was overwhelmed.

In fact, Xiao Huang is called “PPT Little Day”, and this work is completely difficult to beat her.

When there is still one day left, Xiao Huang is still lying in bed to comfort himself. He can get up at 8 o’clock tomorrow morning.

Opinion: “This is a typical procrastination.

The doctor said that procrastination is actually a sign of fatigue.

There are mainly two manifestations, one is habitual procrastination, the other is to start with a lot of passion, slowly deflated.

The doctor said that the holiday is the most relaxing time for everyone, and the work is delayed, which is normal.

No need to make a fuss.

This kind of absent-mindedness will delay the situation for a day or two.

But don’t worry, you can’t have a burden of thought.

It is only necessary to see a doctor when delaying the delay has seriously affected the mood and work.

After the holiday, the chronic disease is concentrated, and the diet should be transferred to the disease caused by the light holiday syndrome, mainly alcoholism, starch inflammation, indigestion, cholecystitis, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure and so on.

Doctors said that these are closely related to nutrition and metabolism.

Based on past experience, it is very common to have such patients in the clinic after the holidays.

Experts say that according to reasonable standards, adults must be replaced with at least 2,400 kcal per day. During the vacation period, they eat well and are mostly oily. The nutritional intake is easily exceeded.

Therefore, experts suggest that office workers should rebuild their regular life as soon as possible and eat more light diets to better return to work.

At the same time, take more rest, adjust the state, increase the resistance, when the season changes, eat more foods with high vitamins.

Guarantee sleep and increase resistance.


Be wary that the mouse hand is quietly lurking


Be wary that the mouse hand is quietly lurking

The position of the mouse is offset, the damage to the wrist is increased, and the distance of the mouse is farther from the body, and the degree of damage to the shoulder.

Therefore, the mouse should be placed in a slightly lower position, which is equivalent to the height of the elbow when the upper arm is perpendicular to the ground in a sitting position.

The location of the keyboard should also be similar to this.

  Be wary that the mouse hand is quietly lurking through the expansion of the computer, more and more people are beginning to repeat: the wrist hurts, hold the numb, the joints of the fingers are not flexible. In fact, these “killers” hurting us are around-mouse.

If you use the mouse improperly, you can get a very serious knuckle disease. The symptoms of this traditional hand injury are called “mouse hand.”

  The mouse is more vulnerable to injury than the keyboard. The early performance of the “mouse hand” is: the numbness of the fingers and wrists, and some joints will make a slight noise when they move, usually called “constrictive tenosynovitis”, “carpal tube”Symptoms of the syndrome, but the joints involved are more than tenosynovitis.

Surgery experts believe that the mouse is more likely to cause damage to the opponent than the keyboard, and the disease is more common in women, and its incidence is three times that of men.

  ”Mouse hand” is only a local symptom. If the mouse position is not reasonable enough, too high, too low, or too far, it may be secondary to the neck a shoulder wrist syndrome.

  The mouse placed on the desktop was harmful to the health doctor and found that the position of the mouse was raised, the injured part of the wrist, the farther the mouse was from the body, and the injured part of the shoulder.

Therefore, the mouse should be placed in a slightly lower position, which is equivalent to the height of the elbow when the upper arm is perpendicular to the ground in a sitting position.
The location of the keyboard should also be similar to this.
Many computer desks do not have a dedicated location for the mouse, so that the mouse is placed on the desktop for a long time to work, and the damage to people is self-evident.

  The distance between the mouse and the body is also widened by the mouse on the table. This force is long-term burdened by the shoulder and elbow, which is one of the causes of neck and shoulder syndrome.

When the angle between the upper arm and the front body is less than 45 degrees, the distance between the body and the mouse is appropriate. If the distance is too far, the forearm will lean forward with the upper arm and shoulder, which will cause joint and muscle tension.

  Raising the swivel chair can also prevent the “mouse hand”. If it is difficult to adjust the mouse position, you can put the keyboard and mouse on the table, and then raise the swivel chair.

The relative reduction in the desktop shortens the distance between the body and the desktop.

  Putting the mouse in a scientific way will greatly reduce the incidence of “mouse hand”, so that every office worker who is often sitting in front of the computer can do his job easily and happily.

Experience and skills of sex cattle

Experience and skills of sex cattle

Enjoy the ultimate pleasure of oral sex. If your man still can’t continue to give you the pleasure of oral sex, and you want him to do this, don’t hinder the time to find a personal love, talk to him and let him know that what you want isWhat, for example, you can tell him at the door: “It feels great just now, but I want to feel the taste of your closeness. I haven’t seen you doing this before.

“Budget, many women have always refused men to help them with oral sex. The reason is that women are deeply inferior to their lower bodies. These women lack confidence.

I feel that my lower body is ugly and has an embarrassing smell.

Therefore, unless they have to, they adjust not to let the man put his face in front of the lower body to enjoy, if you want to lift this level of worry, do not hinder before going to bed to make love, first wash a refreshing bathtub, relax, relaxWelcome to the pleasure of face-to-face.

– Bonnie Libojie “New Male Sex” authors you must believe this fact, most men think that women’s vaginal secretions are like aphrodisiac, so that they are excited, so please put down the strict security, do not reject himIt’s a thousand miles away, your vaginal smell is very good, don’t let your man taste the taste of your lower body, feel the stimulation of his tongue tipping back and forth, you will be closer to each other.

– Su-Jiaosheng-Sunday Speaking Moderator If you feel that you haven’t got to the itch yet, don’t hinder the handling and open your labia, so that your man can more easily get close to your pussy and make the pleasure even higher.If there is still a man who works for you to open the labia, it is even easy to distract him, and he will soon be exhausted. Therefore, it is best for you to open your labia so that your man can do it all.Please you.

– Liu Peiji, founder of the Beverly Hills Sexology Research Program.

  Mage is infinite, do you know how many hands can you have?

As long as you know how to use it flexibly, you will find that your hands can bring fun without losing to other parts of the body; when you grab to stimulate the man, it is recommended that you do not hinder the use of a kind called “Eude for Brian” (OdetoBrian)’s technique of putting a finger in a U shape, the thumb extending the bottom of his penis sheath, the palm facing inward, and the tiger cub facing you.

  Then, start slowly licking his penis. When your palm touches his glans, he tries to sharpen his glans with the palm of his hand. After a while, he changes to the other side and restarts the upward movement.Follow the steps below and exchange your hands from time to time.

  There is also a technique of masturbation called “BasketWeave”, applying a small amount of pressure on the hand, sitting in front of his eyes, hands clasping together, then encircling his penis and pointing his thumb at you., start to go up and down.

When you lick your penis, remember to change the angle from time to time, and add some small movements. You don’t hinder your attention at any time to correct your movements. You will see his unprecedented satisfaction.

– Liu Peiji – Beverly Hills Sexology Research Program Opener, when you play with his penis, let him touch your lower body with your hands. This is a very exciting attempt to hand over each other.Exploring the privacy of the other party, exchanging the thrill of excitement, this excitement can be freely retracted, and the subsequent physical contact can be more heated and cut.

-Crick-Richardmont’s “The mouth-watering secrets of the sex” author’s pleasure is endless. The following tips can help your climax rise to the next level, while still allowing you to last longer before the climax, to reachThis goal, the two must have a very good tacit understanding, can always pay attention to the progress and feelings of the other party, before one of them reaches the climax, suspend the action of vaginal insertion or masturbation, exchange sexual posture, or spend a fewMinutes to help the other body massage, so that the high sexual desire to ease first, when the sexual desire has not completely disappeared, once again entered the battlefield, and thus the step to approach the climax.

Wait until you finally reach the true climax.

That explosive power will make you unforgettable.

– Deborah-Pitson’s “Sex Girl’s Sex Collection” is so fascinating when making love, such a small movement can make your climax extraordinarily strong. Usually, when we are nervous, it will become extraordinarily confusing, especially in making love.Or if you please the other person, you will be closed because you are worried about your poor performance. Therefore, you forget to adjust the speed of sucking. When you masturbate, it is a good time to practice deep sucking, concentrate and suck.Drop to the position of the pelvic cavity, then slowly apply to the vaginal sex; with deep sucking when making love, you will feel the whole body relaxed and reach the peak of the climax.

– Susan Braque’s “Top Ten Suggestions for Sexual Pleasure” authors use some ingenuity to try out various sexual intercourse postures using the characteristics and corners of various furniture in the home. For example, if you can see it, but you can’t see it outside.Make love by the window, under the piano, on the dining table, on the living room sofa or on the edge of the hidden balcony. You can boldly adopt various postures to increase the pleasure.

Over time, the whole family will have memories of your climax, and all you see are sexy areas.

  Men need to adjust a lot of men are incomprehensible, they only know the impulse to vent, but do not know how to please women, as his woman, you are obliged to tell him what you want?

What should he do?

  Of course, your attitude does not have to be corrected like a stern teacher. Every time you make love, you are adjusting his timing, the gesture of caressing, the speed of the body, the strength of entering, you can use the body.Interaction tells you your needs, if he still doesn’t understand, you can give timely assistance on the verbal, “Dear, this is great!

“” Just a little closer to perfection!

“I will be more comfortable with gentleness!”

“, remember to whisper softly and tell your feelings.”

– Paul Jonny’s “Sexual Excitement” author This is a little trick that seems insignificant, but the effect is amazing, and you may not even know it.

Playing pubic hair can also bring unexpected stimuli. For a woman who shaves her pubic hair, she can’t enjoy this kind of happiness. Tell this lover about this little trick. When you have sex, let himYou are doing this service.

-Crick-Richardmon’s “The mouthwatering secret of sex” author wants to have the climax of wishing, you must tell your man more clearly what to do, your encouragement and praise are all pointing, or you directly grab his hand, move on your body, point him to find your sensitive parts, let you be excited and the speed you are used to, so no big deal, this kind of guidance is regarded as one of the foreplayKind, you can get endless fun from each other.

– Bonnie Libojie, author of “New Male Sex”

Anti-aging whitening weight loss colorful pills help you

Anti-aging whitening weight loss colorful pills help you

Doctors and nutritionists agree that taking the right amount of vitamins can improve the body’s inner function and improve skin condition.

However, for the beauty pills, it is still on the sidelines, and there is no clear statement on improving the efficacy, but just to warn everyone to take it moderately.

The American Health Sciences Management Committee has published official reports on beauty pills and vitamin pills, and there is no express restriction on these pills to freely declare their effects.

Therefore, for beauty pills, the healthy attitude should be: careful choice, bold love!

  Although, according to the product description, any of the beauty pills is beneficial, please note that 1 + 1 sometimes does not equal 2, there is a rather complicated relationship among the various drugs.

If you don’t pay attention to it at all, it will easily lead to adverse reactions, so that you will lose your money.

For example, taking excessive amounts of vitamin A can easily lead to hair loss; taking too much vitamin C can cause confusion in the body and affect the body’s ability to absorb copper and zinc.

They are most likely to cause allergies in the vitamin community and require extra caution when taken.

  Therefore, the pill can be eaten, but please eat it smartly and carefully.

Take a little time to understand the function of the various ingredients, consult a doctor to find out if there is a conflict between the ingredients, these beautiful little things will add to your beauty.

  Oral beauty care products special tips 1.

The medicine is not alcohol, even vitamins and beauty pills are no exception, warm water delivery is healthier.


Before taking a beauty pill, it is best to consult a doctor. If you don’t make up for it, don’t eat it. It’s also quite suitable to use it here.


There are dozens of members of the vitamin group, but it is really applied to no more than 10 kinds of beauty care, so don’t trust the so-called latest additions.


Vitamins and botanical ingredients often complement each other and promote each other. When purchasing, consider this two-in-one product.


If you are allergic to seafood products, be careful when taking collagen beauty products that contain “deep sea fish”.


During pregnancy, lactation, and special periods of taking other medications, consult a doctor if you need to take them.

  The beauty of pills is increasing. More and more women regard beauty pills as the driving force for young people. They take medicines one by one every day, not because they are ill, but to keep their youth.

Of course, we can supplement the various nutrients and ingredients needed by the body through diet, but for urban women who are busy and quite mindful, the small dose (round pill) oral beauty drink can be more convenient and more convenient.rapid.

  In Hong Kong, Fancl’s shop, a variety of pills, was initially lined up in a wall.

  In the United States, “Nature’s Farm” has determined that their new products will give women the best softness after taking them.

Veteran health care product manufacturer Nutrilite has a wide variety of oral pills for vitamin care.

Skincare company Shuizhi Ao has launched a large-scale collagen brand for oral beauty drinks.

The Japanese brand DHC is also the heart of a beautiful woman with a variety of vegetables and fruit pills.

Avon, Yangshengtang, Herbalife and other companies are also unwilling.

Suddenly, the beauty battlefield hit the internal service from external use.

  According to the function of these facts, these small things can be roughly divided into: anti-aging experts such as pills mainly contain protein extracts, which are very similar to the proteins that make up the skin, easy to absorb the skin, can help repair damaged collagen.
, elastic fiber and polysaccharide to improve skin’s gloss and firmness.

  Green A natural spirulina fine tablets Yangshengtang natural vitamin E FANCL fish oil compound capsule pigment controller whitening beauty care products, can reduce the formation of skin melanin, brighten skin tone.

In addition, if you want to be tanning, the related pigment control beauty care products can help you increase the tanning speed by at least 2 times, thus avoiding damage to the skin through exposure to ultraviolet light.

  DHC amino acid fruity drink powder (west grape flavor) DHC concentrated thorn pear tablets muscle intestinal detoxification device The main function of this pill is light fat weight loss, they can help the body to discharge toxic substances in the intestines, remove impurities in the body, so that the skin becomesIt is lighter.

  FANCL vegetable fiber powder Herbalife aloe vera nutrition powder moisturizing and pore repair expert This kind of beauty and health care products can improve the skin’s water retention and anti-drying ability, and the collagen component contained therein can increase the skin’s skin support and pore wall from the inside.The elasticity makes the pores recover even after expansion, ensuring the firmness and delicateness of the skin.

  FANCL Silk Protein Composite Tablets American Natural Treasure Liquid Collagen?
H2O + Shuizhi Ao Collagen Rosehip Tablets Menstrual Secretion Regulators A variety of beauty pills can stabilize the secretion of hormones in the body, thus avoiding the production of acne and excessive secretion of sebum, and also help alleviate the skin pressure caused by excessive tension.