Prevent dehydration in hot summer

Prevent dehydration in hot summer

Some time ago, the showers continued.

It rained again yesterday, and the rain that stopped nowadays made it difficult for the public to grasp.

The reporter learned that there were showers or thunderstorms in the province during the day.

From night to tomorrow, there will be showers or thunderstorms in the western part of Liaoning and Liaoning. Everyone should pay attention to the weather in time.

  Meteorologists explained that it is normal for the gradual process to increase after entering the flood period.

Meteorologists said that although the showers overlap this week, the weather is longer and cooler, and the high temperature can only be temporarily relieved temporarily.

If it happens at night, it will still be hot during the day.

There may be high temperatures in the near future, and everyone should be prepared for heatstroke prevention.

  In the hot summer, the body’s water loss is rapid, and when you are thirsty and want to drink a whole bottle of water in one breath, you are dehydrated.

Experts say that dehydration can make your body feel hot and dizzy, which may increase your risk of heart disease.

If you feel that boiled water is tasteless, you can also drink a cup of sour plum soup, which can help the spleen and stomach to digest.

Sour plum is also a natural throat medicine that can relieve the inflammation of the throat and relieve pain.

Drinking a cup of sour plum soup is equivalent to cleaning your body.

The high temperature that may occur in the near future, the business newspaper reminds the public to do a good job of heatstroke prevention and cooling, reduce activities and drink plenty of water around noon; it is best to take an umbrella during the day; to avoid cold water and drinks; to ensure adequate rest and sleep;Potassium-containing foods such as kelp, potatoes, etc.

Also eat bitter food, but also eat some sour food, add some vinegar in the dish in summer, can be sterilized.

Also, the weather is hot in summer and everyone should wear breathable clothes.

Eat a good diet and personal hygiene habits in the diet, usually drink plenty of water.

Relevant experts believe that the summer should pay attention to the heart, so that the heart can get a full rest, and the heart is simply full sleep.