New Year’s vigilance

New Year’s vigilance

The mood of joy will also cause the heart to bear the burden of the festival. It is often a gathering of friends and family. Everyone has not seen it for a long time. Now I will be very happy when I see it. The Chinese medicine is happy and slow, and the temper is not only the slow change.Including the meaning of heart flaccid, including easing tension and distracting.

Under normal circumstances, Xi can ease tension, make the mood comfortable, and the blood is gentle, showing a healthy state.

But joyfulness, beyond the normal limit, can lead to heart deformation, irritability, fatigue, slackness, lack of concentration, and even palpitations, loss of consciousness.

  Overeating causes heart disease. In addition to being happy, gatherings are inevitable to eat and drink. A lot of food is placed in front of you. Can you hold your mouth?

  If you have a violent eclipse and overeating, then you should pay attention, and the heart has unbearable food!

  Too happy to let the heart scatter and eat so many things, what will happen?

  This will lead to the situation of “children’s anger” in Chinese medicine.

  Son stealing motherhood: Here the child refers to the spleen and stomach, the mother’s heart, and the son-in-law is here: the spleen and stomach are insufficient and the heart is used to digest food.

  If there is a heart disease, it is too happy that the heart has been smashed. Then, at this time, it is necessary to violently induce gluttony. The burden on the spleen and stomach is overloaded. I have to “borrow” my heart to digest these foods, and my heart is bound to lose money. Therefore, patients with heart disease (Especially in the elderly), heart disease often occurs suddenly at this time, which is extremely sad.

  The new year is coming soon, and there is a festive atmosphere in the streets. Everyone must seize the mouth of their own when they are happy. Don’t let food become a threat to life!