Multinational politicians and international organizations are full of confidence in China’s winning the epidemic

Multinational politicians and international organizations are full of confidence in China’s winning the epidemic

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, February 12th: Comprehensive Xinhua News Agency reporters report abroad: For the past few days, the number of confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia in provinces caused by China has been on the decline.

Representatives of multinational politicians and international organizations have positively evaluated the Chinese government and people’s efforts to deal with the new crown pneumonia epidemic, and expressed confidence that China will win the fight against epidemic prevention and control.

  Brazil’s Foreign Minister Ernesto Araujo said that China has always released the information on the new crown pneumonia epidemic to the international community in a timely, open, transparent and responsible manner and actively carried out international cooperation. Pakistan is committed to attaching great importance to it and believes that China willObtained the ultimate victory in fighting the epidemic.

  Brazilian Minister of Health Luis Mandita said that the new crown pneumonia epidemic is a common challenge facing China and Pakistan. Pakistan is willing to actively cooperate with China in the field of public health and make a positive contribution to maintaining international health security. It is believed that the great China will experience the epidemic situation.Even greater after the test.

  The Minister of Health of the Central African Republic, Pierre Somser, said 苏州夜网论坛 that China aims to set a new benchmark for countries to respond to the epidemic.

The new crown pneumonia epidemic is a common challenge facing the world and requires the concerted efforts of all countries.

The Chinese and African governments stand firm with the Chinese government and people to support China in fighting the epidemic.

  The Assistant Minister of Asian Affairs of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ali Said said that the Chinese government has taken a lot of measures to combat the new crown pneumonia epidemic, and Kuwait supports the measures being taken by the Chinese side, giving China full confidence.

The Chinese people are fighting on behalf of all humanity, and we expect them to succeed.

  The chairman of the Portuguese Parliamentary Supervisory Committee, George Lacan, said that he highly 成都桑拿网 appreciates the Chinese government’s efforts in responding to the epidemic, in particular, working closely with relevant international organizations to actively prevent and control the epidemic.

  Sri Lankan parliament member Namar Rajapaksa said that China has made encouraging progress in combating the new crown pneumonia epidemic. China has done very well in preventing the spread of new coronaviruses and has adopted many highly effective prevention and control measures to prevent the virus.Play an important role.

  The United Nations Deputy Secretary-General Liu Zhenmin and the democratic international community are united and support China and other countries affected by the democratic epidemic with strength.

Together with the heads of relevant UN agencies, he pays high tribute to the steadfast Chinese government and people in fighting the epidemic, and the United Nations system is willing to continue to provide strong support to China.

  Rudolf Tannbaugh, Permanent Representative of the Group of 77, Guyana to the United Nations, said that the Group of 77 fully supports the Chinese government’s efforts to fight the new crown pneumonia epidemic and cooperation with the international community.

The international community should jointly respond to the epidemic in a spirit of responsibility, transparency, solidarity and cooperation, and curb the spread of the epidemic as soon as possible.

  The Secretary-General of the International Chamber of Commerce John Denton sent an open letter to the international chambers of commerce and worked with China to address the new coronavirus challenge.

The open letter said that the global business community supports the Chinese government and people in their efforts to respond to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, and international discussions have made full use of the global network to provide assistance to the best of their ability.

(Participating reporters: Zhang Yongxing, Zhou Xingzhu, Qiao Benxiao, Wen Xinxin, Zhao Danliang, Wang Wei, Nie Yunpeng, Tang Lu, Shang Xuqian, Lin Yuan, Tang Yan) Original title: Multinational politicians and international organizations won the battle against epidemic prevention and control in ChinaFull of confidence