Find acupuncture points and press out the delicate face

Find acupuncture points and press out the delicate face

Lead: Many girls who advocate thin face will try their best to face-lift, beautiful and delicate melon seeds can not resist, even the lazy mm will try their best to make their round face slim.

If you want to quickly face-lift, try to massage face-lifting, just look for the acupoints, you can go to edema, thin chin, make your face smaller, become thinner and move your fingers!

  Meizhu points[position]skin, the top edge of the eyebrows is concave (when the brow is in the middle, the embryo is notch).

  [Basic techniques]push.

  [Massage times]Push 30-50 times.

  【Efficacy】Improve symptoms such as facial puffiness caused by edema of the eye.

  Baihui Acupoint[Location]The midpoint of the line connecting the two ear tips in the center of the head.

  [Basic techniques]Press, 揉, sniper, and motorcycle.

  [Massage times]Press 30-50 times, 揉100-200 times, slam 100 times, and rub 100 times.

  [Effect]Matching other acupuncture points can improve the appetite caused by emotional irritability and other reasons.

  The temple[position]is a recess in the back of the two eyebrows.

  [Basic techniques]Push, hehe.

  [Number of massages]Push or lick 30-50 times.

  【Efficacy】Promotes metabolic abnormalities and improves facial edema caused by headache, dizziness and the like.

  Chengqi points[position]directly below the pupil, near the eyelid bone.

  [Basic techniques]揉, press.

  [Number of massages]揉 or press 100 times.

  【Efficacy】Improve gastric motility, improve gastrointestinal digestion, and promote waste excretion in the body.